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IoT In Transportation Industry

Overseeing your employees' travels is a demanding task that calls for a more systematized approach. At Overdrive, have the ability to keep accurate passenger counts, track unauthorised passengers on board, and monitor driver behavior to prevent future accidents.

Airport ground support vehicles-fleet management solution

Benefits Of An Airport Monitoring Solution

Benefits Of An Airport Monitoring Solution   Pre-pandemic, over 4 billion passengers were boarded by the global airline industry yearly. Each day, more than 100,000 commercial flights take off and land. With these numbers set to increase year on year, airports are expected to become even busier places. To efficiently handle the growth in passenger traffic, the aviation industry is looking to implement airport monitoring solutions which are capable of enhancing and streamlining operations. These solutions utilise Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to obtain real-time data which can then be used to improve safety, reduce downtime, increase passenger satisfaction, and…

How IoT Enhances Employee Transportation To Drive Your Business Forward

How IoT Enhances Employee Transportation To Drive Your Business Forward

How IoT Enhances Employee Transportation To Drive Your Business Forward Providing transportation services for your employees brings several benefits to your organisation. It helps attract top talent, builds company reputation, and increases productivity. Employees who enjoy such forms of company welfare have higher morale and are also less likely to leave for other opportunities. However managing employee transportation is a hefty operation. It requires dedicated admin staff to liaise with transport operators and manage every part of the journey. Much of this work is time consuming and inefficient without the proper tools. Furthermore, negative experience on transport vehicles can also…

What You Need To Know About IoT Trailer Tracking

What You Need To Know About IoT Trailer Tracking

What You Need To Know About IoT Trailer Tracking   Supply chain management is a field of diverse challenges. It requires liaising with transport operators, suppliers, clients, and other key personnel, while also ensuring the security and condition of the goods that pass through your storage facilities. It is a demanding, fast-paced, and competitive industry where efficiency and organisation are highly valued. Supply chain managers are often pressed to make quick decisions, which may have far-reaching impacts on the entire operation. Enabling this requires reliable real-time data on vehicles carrying valuable cargo. To bridge this industry gap, IoT trailer tracking…

What IoT Companies Do-real time location tracking system

What IoT Companies Do & How To Choose The Right Solution For Your Needs

IoT solutions can bring a host of transformative benefits for businesses. They optimise operations to minimise costs and increase profit margins while also improving business efficiency. Choosing the right IoT solution requires companies to balance their needs, operating budgets, cybersecurity requirements, and finding a vendor with a good track record to reliably manage and upgrade IoT systems.

How IoT Can Empower Car-Sharing Companies

Overdrive IoT’s Car Sharing Solution takes the complex task of managing your fleet and simplifies it so you can focus on expanding and scaling. With actionable insights from real-time data analysis, our fleet management system can help increase vehicle utilisation, decrease downtime, reduce maintenance and fuel costs, and improve customer experience to increase overall profitability.

Environmental Monitoring for a Better Workplace

Environmental Monitoring for a Better Workplace

Environmental monitoring involves sensors that keep track of working temperatures, humidity, and air quality. It helps keep equipment at optimal conditions to improve life cycles, ensures that goods and assets are protected according to regulations, and improves safety standards for employees. Read on to find out how OverDrive IoT’s OverGuard can improve your productivity and profitability.

6 Benefits of IoT Solutions for Worker Safety

Did you know that the Internet of Things (IoT) has made workplaces worldwide much safer places than ever before? With the ability of IoT to monitor your surroundings, your employees can now work more productively knowing that they’re safe and surveyed the entire day.

IoT In Transportation Industry

IoT In Transportation Industry Employee transportation is an important yet often underinvested part of running a business. Managing the onerous administrative tasks behind employee transportation requires the time and attention of operation managers who could be spending those hours more productively. While providing employees with transportation has several advantages, safety issues become a concern as many companies do not have a platform that can monitor their employees taking the provided transport. These companies manually keep track of their employees' attendance, resulting in inaccuracies on the manifest of the passengers onboard. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With IoT...

3 Ways A Heavy Vehicle Fleet Management Solution Benefits Your Construction Business

If you are a construction business fleet manager, you would know how difficult it is to manage your fleets, drivers, schedules and cost without facing any challenges. Thankfully, with fleet management solutions…

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