Full Cycle IoT AI Development

Digitally transforming industries to build a new era of automated IoT Solutions. We empower businesses to create a healthy and secure IoT ecosystem and deliver successful innovative solutions, covering all stages, from formulating ideas to providing support and maintenance, giving true data access to everyone, anytime.

Building a Healthy and Secure IoT AI Ecosystem

At its core, Overdrive creates secured cloud-based IoT solutions that push innovations to power sustainable results and provide effective solutions to address the unique needs of each business.

Our IoT Expertise in Action

IoT Hardware Prototyping

Designing flawless IoT hardware to enhance usability and ensure long-term sustainability

Cloud Computing

Harness the flexibility of on-demand and scalable resources, optimizing large data storage without delays, and keeping critical and sensitive data secured.

Application Development

Empowering device connectivity to create smart and data-driven environments

Dashboards and Analytics

Access data anytime, anywhere. Gain valuable insights to make better-informed business decisions.

Support and Maintenance

Overdrive ensures that the delivered software runs smoothly and in complete compliance with your business requirement.

Developing a wide range of IoT solutions across all types of industries

Overdrive’s full-cycle IoT development covers a variety of use cases and applications, with the goal to optimize, automate and save cost. We shift our purpose towards creating innovative platforms, offering excellent customer-centric services, and promoting an IoT ecosystem for all businesses to take advantage of.

Automotive IoT

Creating smarter vehicles to facilitate safe, efficient, and comfortable driving.

Industrial IoT

Connecting critical industrial assets to deliver valuable new insights for a more scalable business

Medical IoT

Harnessing IoT technology to enhance patient experience and shape the future of healthcare.

IoT for People

Promoting a safer and smarter environment for the community

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Benefits of IoT AI Solutions for Your Business

Increase Efficiency

Helps improve productivity by streamlining tasks and processes for a more optimal business operation.

Improve Safety and Security

Providing high-end security on all connections and access to critical asset data.

Real-Time Data

Gain accurate and reliable information to make smarter business decisions and create new revenue streams.

Optimize Use of resources

Efficiently allocate assets to avoid wastage and boost cost-effectiveness.

Reduce Operational Cost

Minimize downtime periods by automating scheduled and controlled maintenance.

Success Stories

Find out how IoT Solutions can be right for your industry.

GPS Tracking of Solar Panels with Sembcorp

Overdrive deploys GPS trackers to monitor Sembcorp floating panels

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Overdrive Navigates into the Sea

Overdrive empowers Marine Services to gain real-time data on their ships’ entire journey and to enhance crew safety as they sail into local waters.

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PT Pertamina Patra Niaga and Overdrive pilots a SmartMT Program in Indonesia

Overdrive and Pertamina Pilots a SmartMT Project Indonesia to monitor fleet geolocation, and overall visibility of their whole delivery supply chain process.

Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

What are IoT solutions?

IoT solution is a network of devices and software that enables people to have access to data needed. Each solution is unique and can help ease operations and achieve business growth.

What is IoT used?

It is used for a variety of purposes, from personal to business, IoT is adaptable to almost any technology that is capable of providing relevant data.

How is IoT used in business?

IoT is extremely versatile and can be used for many functions. IoT can help generate and record data to track important processes in order to give us insights. This boosts operational efficiency and allows companies to make better decisions.

Which industries are using IoT?

IoT drives revolutionary opportunities everywhere, most especially in transportation, logistics, construction, manufacturing, marine, schools, and even just at home.

What are the types of IoT communication methods?

The six leading types of IoT are as follows: LPWANs, Cellular, Mesh Protocols, Bluetooth, WiFi, and RFID.

Why do you need IoT?

IoT is designed to improve lives. By digitalising workload, IoT helps reduce human effort, increase operational efficiency, reduce cost, and even improve the quality of life

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