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Overdrive improves business operations with our end-to-end IoT solutions. We offer secured connected assets and accurate real-time data access to apply transformative business developments.

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Overdrive’s range of innovative solutions is driven by our expertise and desire to optimise the efficiencies of businesses. We offer the country’s finest solutions for fleet management, car-sharing, real-time location services, school buses, employee transport,
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Real-Time Location Solution

Our real-time location service, OverGuard, enables you to track the precise locations of the people, equipment and objects within your facility, 24/7.

Devices with Overdrive’s technology are placed on your equipment, as well as carried by workers. You can monitor the locations of people and objects such as airline galley carts, hospital beds, and more – enabling you to enhance employee safety, improve the life cycles of equipment, and boost security.

School Bus Monitoring Solution

Keep track of school children’s whereabouts by placing a device into a child’s school bag. Our solution automatically tracks each child as they journey to and from school – as well as any detours they may take along the way.

With our school bus monitoring solution and app, parents can enjoy peace of mind as they are kept updated of their child’s whereabouts, the location of their school bus, their estimated time of arrival, and their bus driver’s identification – all from one convenient app.

Employee Transportation Solution

Manage your company’s employee transport service with ease, thanks to our employee transportation solution. This solution gives company administrators the ability to review transportation data logs and view usage trends through one convenient platform – streamlining a previously complicated process.

Meanwhile, employees can dedicate more of their focus on work, knowing their transportation home is settled and management has all the data they need to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their employee transportation service.

Car Sharing Solution

Overdrive’s car-sharing solution is designed to meet the unique needs of your fleet of vehicles. Now, you can easily manage your team, vehicles and assets from one platform. Our solution allows for vehicle booking, access to driver details, the ability to record a vehicle’s journey, immobilize vehicles if unauthorized users try to start them, and more. It even alerts users when vehicle maintenance is required.

Going a step further, the platform takes this data and turns it into actionable insights that includes driving behaviors, facts, tracking data, and more – helping you to optimize operations and profitability while slashing operational costs.

Fleet Management Solution

Our fleet management solution gives you a real-time overview of your entire fleet – including all vehicle-related data that you can use to ensure your fleet is running safely and efficiently.

Get an in-depth look into your vehicle fleet, optimise operations and eliminate wasteful overhead with Overdrive’s fleet management solution.

Personnel Tracking Solution

Ensure the safety of your workers without compromising job completion. With our People Monitoring Solution, track your employees in real-time, even in remote job sites, and reduce the risk of industrial accidents.

We make worker safety a top priority by proactively implementing safety protocols, enabling swift responses in emergencies when a worker is at risk.

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Our Clients and Partners

Case Studies

Pertamina Patra Niaga Smart MT Program

Overdrive continues to innovate and empower smart connectivity in the oil and gas sector as it partners with PT Pertamina Patra Niaga to digitally transform the land transportation for mobile tanks (MT).

Ministry of Manpower awards Fleet Management with Car Sharing Project to Overdrive

Overdrive was no stranger to the Ministry of Manpower. Since 2018, Overdrive had been delivering reliable IOT solutions and integrating data transfers and sensor controls to MOM vehicles. This includes designing and developing a fleet management solution with the use of RFIDs technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fleet management?

Every business that has a fleet needs a fleet management system to help ensure that their vehicles and operations run smoothly. Fleet management solutions use cutting-edge telematics technology to help businesses maximize their fleet’s full potential without compromising efficiency, productivity, and cost.

What is the purpose and benefit of fleet management?

A fleet management solution has a plethora of benefits. It improves cost efficiency by monitoring vehicle usage and fuel consumption, enhances safety by detecting dangerous driving behavior and provides safety metrics for your drivers, keeping both your employees and vehicle safe at all times. Furthermore, it gives real-time access to vehicular data and has valuable insights to make better business decisions including better routes, schedules and deployments.

How much does fleet management cost?

Fleet management doesn’t have to be costly. However, the cost varies based on different business requirements. Overdrive has an off-the-shelf ready solution as well as customized ones.

How does a fleet management solution work?

Overdrive’s fleet management solution employs modern telematics to deliver continuous real-time data on the whereabouts of each vehicle in the fleet. Through real-time alerts, notifications, and reports, we provide you with all the information you need for an efficient operation. The details include information such as each vehicle’s current speed, projected arrival time, and in-depth technical facts such as the health of your cars and when they need to be serviced and maintained.

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