Personnel Tracking Solution

Ensure the safety of your workers without compromising job completion. With our People Monitoring Solution, track your employees in real-time, even in remote job sites, and reduce the risk of industrial accidents.

Personnel Tracking Solution

Overdrive’s solution for people monitoring caters to the safety requirements of harsh industrial settings by precisely monitoring the movement, whereabouts, and condition of each worker. Our robust platform offers an additional level of security for workers operating in isolated locations, working alone, or positioned in high-risk areas.

We prioritize the safety of workers by implementing proactive safety measures, facilitating rapid response in emergency situations where a worker is in danger. Our solution addresses various scenarios, including remote work and dangerous environments, to ensure strict compliance with safety policies and the protection of all workers on the job.


Put Safety First: Protect Your Workers Today

Our cutting-edge personnel tracking solution empowers organizations to swiftly access emergency services, minimize costs, and boost productivity with ease.

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Man-Down Detection

Instantly detect falls, slips, and impacts caused by falling debris. Set custom triggers to alert your team when a worker is in distress and respond quickly to ensure their safety.

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Movement Tracking

Monitor worker movement in real-time and gain insights into their behavior and patterns. Identify unauthorized access or track workers assigned to high-risk areas for better safety measures.

People Counting

Get accurate location updates and monitor how many workers are on-site or in a specific area. Use this information to optimize workflows, plan resources, and ensure safety compliance.

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Create virtual boundaries around sensitive areas and receive alerts when workers enter or leave. Keep track of worker movements, prevent accidents, and ensure safety compliance at all times.

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Worker identification

Identify worker activity and grant access only to authorized personnel. Improve security, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

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Environmental Monitoring

Monitor critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, or vibration to detect any impending danger. Take proactive measures to keep your workers safe and prevent accidents before they occur.

Maximise Workplace Safety with Our Personnel Tracking Solution

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Enhance workplace safety and reduce the risk of accidents

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Gain deeper insights into the work environment for better decision-making

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Enable faster and more effective emergency response and rescue operations

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Minimize hazardous situations and improve overall risk management

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Ensure employee privacy through user-enabled control

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Function effectively even in low or zero GPS signal areas.

Ensure a Safe and Efficient Workplace with Overdrive’s IoT-Powered Monitoring Solution

Protect your workers and avoid costly penalties and operational shutdowns. With our advanced IoT sensors, you can set safety parameters, receive real-time alerts, and gain analytical insights to take preventive and corrective actions.

Get ready to explore a completely new dimension of facility monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Worker Monitoring?

Worker monitoring is utilized by many companies for various reasons, such as enhancing safety, increasing productivity, reducing labor costs, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and labor laws.

How Does Worker Monitoring Enhance Safety?

In industries like construction and manufacturing, worker monitoring can improve safety by providing real-time tracking of workers’ locations and movements, even in remote areas. It notifies supervisors of potential safety hazards and offers data that can identify areas for improvement in safety protocols and procedures.

What Data Can Be Collected Through Worker Monitoring?

The solution collects data such as location tracking, movement patterns, task duration, equipment usage, and other safety-related information like workers’ heart rates, impacts caused by slips, trips and falls, exposure to hazardous substances, and environmental conditions.

Are Workers Aware of Being Monitored?

Companies are obligated to inform employees that they are being monitored, and employees should be given clear and transparent information about the monitoring activities and the data being collected.

Can Worker Monitoring Affect Employee Trust or Morale?

Yes, if it is not implemented in a transparent and ethical manner. Companies must communicate clearly with employees about the purpose of monitoring, the data collected, and how it will be used. Moreover, employers must ensure that monitoring is solely for legitimate business purposes and does not infringe on employees’ privacy rights.

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