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Overdrive formulates result-driven software innovations for businesses to optimize workflow, increase efficiency, and gain a higher relative advantage. We help you maximize the full potential of your business with top-notch custom software product development.

End-to-end Software Product Development

Overdrive guides businesses to create growth-oriented strategies and a clear roadmap towards achieving business objectives. We give you the ability to upkeep and monitor your business workflow, ensuring favorable results in the long haul.

Dedicated IoT Tech Team

We deliver dedicated in-house tech teams and designated points of contact to ensure the continuity and success of the entire application.

Software Consultancy

Overdrive provides an in-depth understanding of IoT solutions, applications, and strategies to properly allocate resources and gain sustainable outcomes.

Software Modernization

We drive value to your business as we guide you to identify and evaluate platform applications and approaches to transform breakthrough ideas for maximum impact. We leverage the power of innovation to support businesses in improving performance and enhancing user experience.

Full-Cycle Software Development Model

Best practices make great software.

Overdrive will take you through the recommended product development steps and evaluate the value of having a software development strategy through an effective Agile methodology.

Building a sound software product development strategy brings significant benefits.

Futureproof your Business

Deliver excellent business values by optimizing work models and processes

New Revenue Streams

Drive maximum ROI through business evolutions

Market Automation

Automate development cycle for faster time to market

Optimize Business Operation

Manage cost and efficiently allocate resources without compromising quality

Data Safety

Enhance data-security technology and protocol that ideally suited for your business

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Completed Projects

Learn more about Overdrive’s successful software solutions

PT Pertamina Patra Niaga and Overdrive pilots a SmartMT Program in Indonesia

Overdrive created a platform designed to give transparency in monitoring Pertamina’s Vehicles Geolocation and overseeing the whole delivery supply chain process. This includes process control, fraud prevention as well as driver and public safety

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Overdrive Enhances Passenger Safety in Pharmaceutical Industries

Overdrive developed a transport monitoring platform to help pharmaceutical companies ease the commute of their employees, monitor risky driving behavior, and provide accurate information on who is on board, ensuring safety at all times.

Learn more

Overdrive Navigates into the Sea

Overdrive empowers Marine Services to gain real-time data on their ships’ entire journey and to enhance crew safety as they sail into local waters. We grant ship owners access to critical data including real-time position course, speed, and status, as well as capture reports no matter where the ship sails to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are IoT solutions?

IoT solution is a network of devices and software that enables people to have access to data needed. Each solution is unique and can help ease operations and achieve business growth.

What is IoT used?

It is used for a variety of purposes, from personal to business, IoT is adaptable to almost any technology that is capable of providing relevant data.

How is IoT used in business?

IoT is extremely versatile and can be used for many functions. IoT can help generate and record data to track important processes in order to give us insights. This boosts operational efficiency and allows companies to make better decisions.

Which industries are using IoT?

IoT drives revolutionary opportunities everywhere, most especially in transportation, logistics, construction, manufacturing, marine, schools, and even just at home.

What are the types of IoT communication methods?

The six leading types of IoT are as follows: LPWANs, Cellular, Mesh Protocols, Bluetooth, WiFi, and RFID.

Why do you need IoT?

IoT is designed to improve lives. By digitalising workload, IoT helps reduce human effort, increase operational efficiency, reduce cost, and even improve the quality of life

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