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Vessel GPS Tracking in Singapore

Singapore – Overdrive drops its anchor as it optimizes fleet management to a whole new level. Using Overdrive’s high-powered sensors and reliable roaming services, we empowered shipping services to gain real-time data on their ships’ entire journey and to enhance crew safety as they sail into local waters.


A Seamless Integration

Having precise real-time location data is crucial to any shipping service. Coming into play, Overdrive worked with maritime companies to provide them robust hardware and devices, helping them monitor their fleet of vessels and to add value service to their existing platform.

GPS Tracker Singapore
Marine Companies in Singapore
Fleet Management System Singapore

Overdrive’s highly scalable GPS tracking devices were installed to 16 vessels that integrate seamlessly into existing platforms of shipping services, giving them solid local information support and providing them quick access to reliable location data, eliminating any delays for more optimum business performance.

Overdrive continues to work with marine services that co-designs and develops tech applications and solutions to numerous shipping companies, running water taxies, and waste services in Singapore.


Shipping Companies in Singapore

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