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About Overdrive

Overdrive is a real-time asset monitoring IOT company that provides end-to-end IoT solutions. We track and monitor location, usage, time and activities from vehicles, and people to facilities and equipment.


Accurately track location, condition, movement of equipment and assess facility conditions such as humidity, temperature, and air quality, and even monitor toilet consumables and usage patterns in real-time.


Track fleets of any type. Gain real-time visibility on location, utilization, driver behavior, vehicle health, cargo temperature, and more. Monitor your fleet’s performance and spot issues before it’s too late.


We offer you full transparency over the location and condition of workers, students, and employees, setting your mind at ease knowing they are safe, always.

Fleet Management Solution

Our solution enables you to track your moving fleet with pinpoint accuracy to enhance efficiency, safety and productivity while reducing costs and complexities.

Car Sharing Solution

Turn any vehicle into a connected, sharing-ready fleet to improve overall performance, reduce fuel costs and ensure accurate vehicle positioning, anywhere, anytime.  

School Bus Monitoring Solution

We empower parents and schools to keep track of students whenever they travel to and from school. Its real-time monitoring capabilities ensure effective monitoring of transport operations and optimization of bus routes – putting safety as our topmost priority.

Employee Transportation Solution

A smarter and safer commute. We offer a better way for businesses to account for their staff by providing accurate manifestation of passengers onboard, identifying any unauthorized passengers, and monitoring drivers to prevent incidents on the road.

Worker Monitoring Solution

Keep your workers well protected by setting preemptive safety measures, providing faster response time in case of emergencies and keeping the workplace up to standard to prevent business shutdown.


A seamless machine-to-machine connectivity service for IoT applications, offering you reliable global connectivity to keep your business on the right track. Easily connect devices anywhere in the world and manage your connected IoT devices and sensors at any scale.

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