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IoT In Transportation Industry

Employee transportation is an important yet often underinvested part of running a business. Managing the onerous administrative tasks behind employee transportation requires the time and attention of operation managers who could be spending those hours more productively. While providing employees with transportation has several advantages, safety issues become a concern as many companies do not have a platform that can monitor their employees taking the provided transport. These companies manually keep track of their employees' attendance, resulting in inaccuracies on the manifest of the passengers onboard. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With IoT solutions, companies can spend…
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3 Ways A Heavy Vehicle Fleet Management Solution Benefits Your Construction Business

If you are a construction business fleet manager, you would know how difficult it is to manage your fleets, drivers, schedules and cost without facing any challenges. Thankfully, with fleet management solutions, you can transform your business and coordinate your workforce in a way that increases efficiency and productivity. Additionally, improving the safety of your heavy vehicles and drivers is made possible as well! Simply put, fleet management is a process used by companies to monitor and care for their fleet. It involves different factors such as tracking vehicles, improving driver’s safety and health as well as vehicle upkeep. The…
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Debunking 4 Misconceptions About Vehicle GPS Trackers

Today in the era of technological advancement, the introduction of the GPS vehicle tracking software not only makes our life safer and secure, it also adds a high level of efficiency in vehicle operation. But since every coin has two sides, some groups of people believe that these GPS trackers in Singapore are totally unnecessary and cause employee demotivation. The reason for disapproval around GPS tracking as part of the fleet management solution is mainly due to a misunderstanding of the product.Common vehicle tracking myths range from how the devices monitor employees’ privacy, to their capabilities, to the type of…
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Overdrive x Singapore Tourism Board with BookaBus

Overdrive’s award-winning Employee Transportation System helped ease the commute of employees and provided Bookabus with overall visibility of their bus drivers, routes, and operations.

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Overdrive x MOM

Overdrive transformed vehicles into a sharing-ready fleet to ensure optimum vehicle performance, reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

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Overdrive x Government Agencies

Overdrive provided Real-Time Location Systems to safeguard assets even in areas with zero GPS network.

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