Who we are

Our team at Overdrive makes something great together, every day.


Our Mission

Our mission is to equip people with superpowers that enable them to connect with anyone, everyone and everything – every person, every vehicle, every building and object.

Overdrive is the key to connecting your dots. Our fully integrated cloud solutions and our complete range of IoT solutions, and GPS asset tracking allow us to move rapidly toward the future, ensuring you have access to data that’s crucial in your business and everyday life. Data that provides you with the exact locations of your employees, family members, vehicles, facilities, objects, environment, and much more – and data that keeps your workers and assets safe, with a level of accuracy never before thought possible.

Over the past few years, our team of technology entrepreneurs has undertaken the challenge of developing new methodologies to accomplish brand new solutions. Today we offer proprietary formulas that are custom designed for your business. If you have ever dreamt of having super powers, Overdrive’s solutions might be the closest you can get!

The People

Behind The Business

Transforming ideas into reality requires endurance, passion and resilience.

Aston, Zen, and Alex had been working together for many years before officially launching Overdrive in 2015. Their dedication to the industry led them to make remarkable achievements in the tech world.

At that time, IoT was still far from becoming a reality. But Overdrive was already developing tech solutions that would one day utilise IoT solutions, launching a new era of development.

The team had already developed applications in the M2M industry, such as deploying solutions on vehicles and assets, as well as employing embedded devices and countless types of sensors. This part of our story represents the period during which the foundations for the business were laid. The concept was: Overdrive, an innovative IoT GPS tracking platform, capable of enabling devices and sensors on the move, and creating ingenious, effective and streamlined solutions.

Our Team

Our team at Overdrive is a quickly expanding group of tech enthusiasts. It may sound cheesy, but we live, breathe and eat what we do. We believe that history is relevant and important to the present and the future. That is why we let our shared past inform what we do today, and we are here to achieve incredible things as we move towards a better future together.


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Our Clients

8,500 current users and growing