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Overdrive IoT is your complete IoT solution. We monitor and connect every aspect of your business, from vehicles and machinery to facilities and personnel. Our platform automates data sensing, providing valuable insights and transforming the possibilities of IoT for your enterprise.

Holistic Integration

Experience a one-stop solution that streamlines connectivity. Tailor your solution from our market-ready options or collaborate with us for a bespoke approach.

> 14,000 devices connected

Witness the epitome of IoT platforms as your workforce, vehicle fleet, and equipment achieve heightened productivity and efficiency within a seamlessly connected world.

Detailed Analytics

We go beyond building world-class solutions; we focus on the end user, transforming data into meaningful insights

95% retention rate

Businesses that choose Overdrive not only sign up with us but stay with us, a testament to the enduring value and effectiveness of our solutions.

Who is Overdrive?

Meet Overdrive, a leader in cutting-edge Smart IoT Solutions. As the ultimate All-in-One IoT Hub, we specialize in seamlessly connecting and monitoring every aspect of your business ecosystem. This capability powers a suite of comprehensive IoT solutions, covering vehicles, machinery, facilities, and personnel. Our robust platform excels in automating data sensing, offering unmatched insights, and revolutionising the potential of IoT.

Our mission is to grow our connected base by monitoring people, vehicles, and facilities simultaneously in precision as we expand our footprint in Asia.

Over the past few years, our team of technology entrepreneurs has undertaken the challenge of developing new methodologies to accomplish brand new solutions. Today we offer proprietary formulas that are custom designed for your business. If you have ever dreamt of having superpowers, Overdrive’s solutions might be the closest you can get!

The People Behind The Business

Transforming ideas into reality requires endurance, passion and resilience.

Aston, Zen, and Alex had been working together for many years before officially launching Overdrive in 2015. Their dedication to the industry-led them to make remarkable achievements in the tech world.

At that time, IoT was still far from becoming a reality. But Overdrive was already developing tech solutions that would one day utilise IoT solutions, launching a new era of development.

The team had already developed applications in the M2M industry, such as deploying solutions on vehicles and assets, as well as employing embedded devices and countless types of sensors. This part of our story represents the period during which the foundations for the business were laid. The concept was: Overdrive, an innovative IoT platform, capable of enabling devices and sensors on the move, and creating ingenious, effective and streamlined solutions.

Aston Chia

CEO, Co-Founder

Zen Chin

COO, Co-Founder



Our Clients and Partners

We recognize that our clients are our partners, and play a vital role in the creation of our world-class solutions. We value our close relationship with all of them therefore we stay committed in providing high quality service and in giving them with the best support they need to efficiently grow their business.

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News Insights

Changi Airport Group awards the VETA System to Overdrive IOT

  SINGAPORE- Overdrive embarks on an incredible win as Changi Airport Group, an eight-time winner of the World's Best Airport, appoints Overdrive as their official vendor to design, develop and deploy the Vehicle Tracking at Airside (VETA) System at Changi Airport. After a year of successful tests and trials, Overdrive has triumphed over a pool of prominent vendors who took part in the project bid. To build airside situational awareness at Changi Airport, Overdrive meticulously develops the VETA system that will serve as a crucial data enabler to help CAG meet its long-term vision for safety, capacity, and efficiency. The…
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Overdrive IoT Develops a Fleet Management Platform for Construction Industries

Singapore – Overdrive IoT deploys a Fleet Management Solution to enhance the efficiency and productivity of overall fleet operations for construction companies.
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Overdrive Enhances Passenger Safety in Pharmaceutical Industries

Overdrive IoT deploys its award-winning employee transportation solution to help one of the global leaders in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, to manage their employees’  commute to and from work and ensure their safety, always.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are IoT solutions?

IoT solution is a network of devices and software that enables people to have access to data needed. Each solution is unique and can help ease operations and achieve business growth.

What is IoT used?

It is used for a variety of purposes, from personal to business, IoT is adaptable to almost any technology that is capable of providing relevant data.

How is IoT used in business?

IoT is extremely versatile and can be used for many functions. IoT can help generate and record data to track important processes in order to give us insights. This boosts operational efficiency and allows companies to make better decisions.

Which industries are using IoT?

IoT drives revolutionary opportunities everywhere, most especially in transportation, logistics, construction, manufacturing, marine, schools, and even just at home.

Why do you need IoT?

IoT is designed to improve lives. By digitalising workload, IoT helps reduce human effort, increase operational efficiency, reduce cost, and even improve the quality of life

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