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Frequently Asked Questions

IoT Related Questions

What are IoT solutions?

IoT solution is a network of devices and software that enables people to have access to data needed. Each solution is unique and can help ease operations and achieve business growth.

What is IoT used?

It is used for a variety of purposes, from personal to business, IoT is adaptable to almost any technology that is capable of providing relevant data.

How is IoT used in business?

IoT is extremely versatile and can be used for many functions. IoT can help generate and record data to track important processes in order to give us insights. This boosts operational efficiency and allows companies to make better decisions.

Which industries are using IoT?

IoT drives revolutionary opportunities everywhere, most especially in transportation, logistics, construction, manufacturing, marine, schools, and even just at home.

Why do you need IoT?

IoT is designed to improve lives. By digitalising workload, IoT helps reduce human effort, increase operational efficiency, reduce cost, and even improve the quality of life

Product Related Questions

What are the benefits of GPS Tracking in Vehicles

GPS tracking offer 24/7 visibility of your vehicle fleet, helps you identify your vehicles’ estimated time of arrival, track how fast they are going, distinguish if they need to be serviced, and identify the temperature of on-board cargo.

How can I track my car in real-time

There are many GPS trackers and car tracking devices available in Singapore to help you keep track of your vehicles. Overdrive offers fleet management solutions, OverWheels, which grant you full visibility of your vehicle fleet at all times. It is a great solution for businesses in the transportation, logistics, construction, and shipping industries.

How do you put a GPS tracker on a car

One thing to bear in mind when installing a GPS tracker is signal strength. IT has to be where it can receive adequate GPS satellite or cellular signals; otherwise, the device will not work, as it should.

How does OverPax enhance safety?

OverPax utilizes the power of GPS tracking sensors and devices that enables real-time movement tracking to ensure a person’s safety at all times. It can be in a form of wearables and tags that can be carried or worn by the person, allowing you to receive updates on their status, condition, and location. This can be utilised in ensuring that your loved ones are safe while travelling or verifying that they safely arrived at their destinations. It can also be used to track your kids’ movement while you are in the workplace

What does OverPax track?

OverPax’s wide range of solutions is ideal for tracking passengers, monitoring people’s movement or conditions, and ensuring the safety of workers assigned on-site facilities or hazardous areas.

Does monitoring people considered an invasion of privacy?

No, it is not considered an invasion of privacy. OverPax is designed to provide monitoring solutions based on the guidelines provided by a business that each employee was required to comply with, without accessing any personal information. Our goal is to help businesses enhance safety and provide ways to better account for their employees.

How does OverPax add value?

OverPax enables real-time movement tracking to ensure people’s safety, always. This includes monitoring workers’ movement within facilities to alert them of nearby hazards and provide greater visibility on the employees taking the company transport to prevent future accidents from happening.

What is Beacon Technology

Beacon is a technology that is shaping the way we advertise, collect data, and connect with customers today. It is a small, wireless transmitter that uses low energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices in proximity, making location-based marketing and real-time location tracking solutions more accurate.

What does OverGuard track?

OverGuard tracks the location, condition, and movement of objects such as machines, equipment, trailers, bins, wheelchairs, pallets, and other non-powered assets. It also assesses facility conditions such as humidity, temperature, and air quality, as well as monitors toilet consumables and usage patterns in real-time.

How accurate is OverGuard?

OverGuard offers distinct levels of accuracy across your entire operation and allows you to achieve an excellent position accuracy of up to 10 cm.

How does OverGuard add value?

OverGuard enhances security and productivity by efficiently capturing the location, movement, and usage of all assets in a single platform. It is designed to protect your assets in a cost-effective way, with devices lasting up to 2-3 years without a charge to reduce the need for costly replacements.

Is there a difference between an IoT and M2M SIM card?

No, there is no difference. Both SIM cards act as key for getting access to access the mobile network so that they can transmit data as part of M2M (machine-to-machine) communication or IoT applications.

Is it possible to select a preferred operator?

Yes, you can manually configure the network via Overlink Web Portal. However, as default, Overlink is set up automatically to log into the best network on site and does not prefer or exclude any mobile network.

What can I do on the OverLink Web Platform?

You can efficiently monitor and manage SIM cards through our web platform. Some of the functions include:

  • Add, transfer, activate and deactivate SIM cards
  • Check data consumption and set up alert thresholds
  • Check network operation and choose the countries of operation
  • Set up automation and notifications
  • Generate reports

Fleet Management Solution Related Questions

What is Fleet Management?

Every business that has a fleet needs a fleet management system to help ensure that their vehicles and operations run smoothly. Fleet management solutions use cutting-edge telematics technology to help businesses maximize their fleet’s full potential without compromising efficiency, productivity, and cost.

What is the purpose and benefit of fleet management?

A fleet management solution has a plethora of benefits. It improves cost efficiency by monitoring vehicle usage and fuel consumption, enhances safety by detecting dangerous driving behavior and provides safety metrics for your drivers, keeping both your employees and vehicle safe at all times. Furthermore, it gives real-time access to vehicular data and has valuable insights to make better business decisions including better routes, schedules and deployments.

How doe fleet management cost?

Fleet management doesn’t have to be costly. However, the cost varies based on different business requirements. Overdrive has an off-the-shelf ready solution as well as customized ones.

How does a fleet management solution works?

Overdrive’s fleet management solution employs modern telematics to deliver continuous real-time data on the whereabouts of each vehicle in the fleet. Through real-time alerts, notifications, and reports, we provide you with all the information you need for an efficient operation. The details include information such as each vehicle’s current speed, projected arrival time, and in-depth technical facts such as the health of your cars and when they need to be serviced and maintained.

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