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Overdrive is the leading real-time asset monitoring IOT company in Asia that provides end-to-end IoT solutions and automates data sensing of various types of assets within a business ecosystem, from vehicles and machinery to facilities and people.

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virtual reality guide and tracker for IOT AI

Fleet Management Solution

Optimize your fleet’s fullest potential. Keep track of your vehicle’s location, speed, fuel usage, vehicle health, and more! Sailing into the sea? Overwheels will keep an eye on your vessels and provide complete visibility of your entire voyage.

Smart airport monitoring

We won! Changi Airport Group awards the VETA Project

Changi Airport Group appoints Overdrive IoT to design, develop and deploy the Vehicle Tracking at Airside (VETA) Solution. The platform empowers CAG to gain greater air site situational awareness by detecting unsafe activities at air site, identify roadway traffic bottlenecks and proactively monitor overall operation. Stay tuned for the full scoop.

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Employee Transportation Solutions

Overdrive developed a transport monitoring platform to help pharmaceutical companies ease the commute of their employees, monitor risky driving behavior, and provide accurate information on who is on board, ensuring safety at all times.

About Overdrive

Fueling a Suite of Holistic IoT Solutions

Overdrive IoT platform enables businesses to build an interconnected data sensing environment, extracting data from different sources such as goods or vehicles and machinery. The platform is then configured to optimally deliver business objectives such as real-time tracking and monitoring, exception alerting and command centre visualization.

Our tech is unique because it features both an open architecture to ingest both in-house and partnered intelligence modules as well as an ability to tweak device-level firmware and connectivity — making the platform highly robust and scalable.

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Our Products

Our three core products that work seamlessly with one another


For Vehicles

Gain full control of your vehicle fleet in one powerful platform with real-time visibility on overall vehicular activities, including location data, speeding, idling engine faults, geofencing, and even the temperature of your onboard cargo.


For People

We equip workers, students, employees, and subcontractors with the ability to send and receive precise geolocation data and enable real-time movement tracking to ensure their safety, always.


For Facilities and Equipment

Accurately track the location, movement, and status of equipment, assess facility conditions such as humidity, temperature, or air quality, and even monitor toilet consumables and usage patterns in real-time.

Our Services

We design custom solution to fit your business requirements
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Software Product Development Services

We transform your business vision into a reality. We formulate result-driven software innovations for businesses to optimize workflow, increase efficiency, and gain a higher relative advantage.

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API Development & Integration Services

Cut down development time and costs. Experience seamless integration of business platforms and create dedicated APIs for web and mobile applications.

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Full Cycle IOT Development

We cover all stages of IoT development. We help you formulate ideas, develop products, and provide support and maintenance for accurate data access and visualisation anywhere, anytime.

A one-stop platform that provides end to end IoT Solutions
for Smarter Business

Highly Robust and Scalable

Enabling any sensor and firmware to be connected to our platform

API Integration Services

Seamless adaptation and integration to any existing platform

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Raised For Series A from Southeast Asia B2B focused VC Tin Men Capital in 2019.

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