More Than Just Wheels

OverWheels uses advanced telematics to provide real-time updates on where your vehicles are at all times.

OverWheels by Overdrive

OverWheels is an ideal complement
for companies operating in the
delivery, logistics
and freight industries.

Key Highlights

Real-time Vehicle Telematics

Through real time car tracking, you can pinpoint the exact location of your fleet and get alerts on vehicle status at all times.

Support Additonal Sensors

From vehicle trackers to temperature
and fuel devices, our high powered
sensors deliver unlimited possibilities.
We turn valuable insights into
remarkable breakthroughs.

Driver Behaviour

Overdrive’s fleet management system
enables you to monitor unsafe or
inappropriate driving behavior and help
minimise accident.

Solutions that Make Businesses Better

Overdrive’s range of innovative
solutions are driven by our expertise
and desire to optimise the
efficiencies of businesses – while
improving the lives of the people in
these companies, and their families.

Fleet Management System

An efficient system to manage your fleet
is necessary to avoid wasteful
overhead. Every fleet requires the best
solution to take real-time control of your
vehicles and prevent all possible related
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Employee Transportation

Allows companies to locate and track
employees, interact with bus operators,
and make supervisors’ jobs simpler with
real-time transport monitoring.
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Car Sharing Solution

A robust GPS-based fleet management
system that equips fleet owners with
the tools and software you need to
gather, analyse and utilise the data
from reports generated by our
innovative tracking technology.
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Covid-19 Solutions

A new innovative solution to help flatten
the curve! #Locator is a monitoring
system tailored to enhance social
distancing and ensure these measures
are adhered to in the most effective
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Real Time Location System

Designed to address your requirements.
Ability to track the precise locations of
people and objects within buildings,
facilities or compounds – indoor and
outdoor areas.
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School Bus System

Enables parents and schools to keep
track of their young explorers, whenever
they travel to and from school. Parents
and schools will never have to wonder
where their children are again!
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Our Partners & Clients

Clients are our partners, they play a
vital role in the creation of our
world-class solutions.

Gain free total visibility of your assets.

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