Keep a watching eye over the people, equipment and objects in your facility –

for better worker safety, asset tracking, and security.


Keeping your facility safe

OverGuard is a real time location system that can identify and track the exact location of people, equipment and other objects in real time – giving you precise visibility of your staff, inventory, facilities, assets and buildings. This enables you to significantly improve employee safety, while maximising the life cycles of your equipment.

This innovative system is ideal for use in warehouses, airports, hospitals and other buildings. OverGuard is powered by bluetooth technology for delivering location-based information, sensor data and services.

A real time location system (RTLS)

RTLS is an indoor and outdoor position system that uses Bluetooth devices and gateways to send and capture information. When integrated into a tag or mobile device, the device acts like a beacon and continuously sends out location and ID-related information to your facility’s security or control center.


OverGuard in Real Scenarios

Here’s how OverGuard helps you to keep a watchful eye over any facility – improving worker safety, asset tracking, security and more.

Emergency Situations

In an emergency, workers may not always be in a position to reach your facility’s emergency buttons. By pressing the emergency button on their OverGuard device, they can alert others of the emergency. Importantly, OverGuard will broadcast their ID and location, so help can arrive promptly.

Man-Down Monitoring

When a worker falls to the ground and an impact is detected, a buzzer will sound. If the worker is injured and does not (or cannot) deactivate the buzzer, OverGuard triggers an alert in seconds, giving your team more time to reach the worker in distress.

Environmental Monitoring

By deploying environmental monitoring sensors in or around your facility, you can assess environmental conditions and trends in the nearby soil, water and air.

Movement Tracking

OverGuard can also track each employee’s movement within your facility. You will be able to access how much time employees are spending at each location, and can identify any unauthorized access taking place.

Tag Anything

OverGuard is flexible enough to let you track anything and everything – from hospital beds to other inanimate objects, to the people moving around your building.


Track baggage, gallery cars and persons, no matter where they are within your airport (or airline).

Identify Assets

OverGuard can also be used for GPS asset tracking. By tagging your assets, you can easily identify and locate each asset as it is moved around your warehouse or placed together with other items (such as on being stacked on a pallet).

Information you can use

OverGuard is designed for ease-of-use, and this extends beyond its implementation on-the-ground – and into its reporting interface. Supervisors can access detailed and extensively customisable reports through its simple-to-use, intuitive web-based platform.


Optimise productivity, while minimising incidents with OverGuard – the real time location tracking system for every facility.

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