Seamless Solution for Effective Fleet Monitoring

Gain complete visibility and control of your vehicles and vessels with Overdrive’s fleet solution, OverWheels. Our fleet solution is ideal for various industries. Whether you are tracking trailers, heavy trucks, shipping vessels or even monitoring airport vehicles, navigate your fleet with ease with OverWheels.


Maximise Your Fleet’s Potential With Enhanced Tracking & Monitoring

OverWheels offers fleet tracking solutions that allow you to gain full control of your moving fleet in one powerful platform. Accurately track fleets of all types and have the visibility you need to be in control of your vehicle, 24/7. We deliver all the data you need to get moving, efficiently – through real-time alerts, notifications and reports.

We empower you with data-enriched information to keep track of your vehicle’s location, speed, and fuel levels, as well as in-depth technical details of your vehicle’s health and statistics to identify potential issues ahead of time.

Ideal for rugged industries, OverWheels offers trailer tracking applications to provide you with high-precision data and full visibility into your entire yard operation. Designed for airport monitoring, OverWheels can provide real-time coverage on all airside vehicles and monitor driving behaviour to prevent accidents and promote a safe driving culture.

Transporting temperature-sensitive cargo? You’ll be glad to know that OverWheels lets you monitor the temperature of onboard cargo, ensuring you maintain a suitable environment for your perishable goods while on the go.

Benefits that OverWheels Bring

Increase Productivity

OverWheels gives you the ability to effectively plan fleet routes and expedite deliveries, minimizing any delays and time spent on the road.

Improve Data Accuracy

OverWheels make data readily available so you can gain better insights on fleet trends and usage, enabling you to take appropriate action to optimize your business.

Reduce Manual Error

OverWheels enables you to digitally transform fleet-related processes and workflow to reduce administrative work.

Enhance Safety

Track driver behaviors and driver fatigue, which is crucial for preventing accidents and saving lives. Moreover, we provide you the ability to locate and immobilize cars – preventing vehicle and fuel theft.

Boost Cost Efficiency

Optimize costs by analyzing driver behavior, vehicle usage, and fuel expense history to understand patterns and eliminate misuse and wastage.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance

Get full reports of your fleet’s activities and keep your vehicles in check to plan maintenance ahead of schedule and avoid unwanted downtime.

Who is OverWheels for?

OverWheels puts any business on the right track. It is an ideal complement for companies operating in the transportation logistics, construction, airport monitoring and shipping industries as we provide the ability to assist in route optimization, heavy vehicle, delivery and trailer tracking.

OverWheels will navigate the sail with you as we enable marine companies to capture real-time data on vessel position, speed, and status, ensuring they never venture into unsafe waters.

Need to conduct airport monitoring for better visibility of airside vehicles? OverWheels allow you to proactively manage airside vehicle operations, avoid delays, or unwanted waiting time and create better passenger experience.


Efficiently manage and coordinate delivery fleet, by optimizing routes, improving fuel consumption, and improving customer experience with timely deliveries.


Streamline logistical process and keep tabs on your inventories and moving assets, minimizing discrepancies and manual errors.


Gain real-time updates on your vehicle fleet’s location and usage and improve asset utilization through effective planning and deployment of your vehicle fleet.


Have full visibility on your ships’ entire voyage, enhance safety for the people on board, and have real-time access to critical data and reports.

Gain complete visibility and control of your vehicles.


Boosting productivity, profitability and
safety, while reducing costs and

Fleet Management Solution

Effectively manage your vehicles from start
to finish. We empower you to be in control
of every aspect of your fleet, increasing
operational efficiency and improving
business profitability.

Car Sharing Solutions

Transform vehicles into a sharing-ready fleet.
OverWheels offer advanced telematics to
safeguard smooth working vehicles as well
as take away the complex task of managing
your team and assets for a more dynamic
business operation.

OverWheels IoT Ecosystem

Key Features

Fleet Overview

Gain control over your fleet operation in one powerful platform

Vehicle GPS Tracker

Know where your vehicles and playback historical events to analyze and generate reports

Fast Update Interval

We provide update intervals as short as 3 to 5 seconds

Driver Management

Safeguard your drivers by monitoring risky driving habits and improve fleet utilization.

Cross Border Tracking

Set up virtual boundaries and push triggers when your drivers are out of bounds.

Live Data Reporting

Access your data anytime and anywhere.

Instant Alerts

Get real-time alerts and triggers for speeding, idling, engine faults and geofences


Safely and remotely disabling unauthorized usage

Vehicle Diagnostics

Keep your vehicles in check to avoid unwanted breakdowns

Future-proof your fleet with OverWheels

Let’s discuss how you can seamlessly integrate OverWheels into your business.

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Track fleets of any type. Gain real-time visibility on location, utilization, driver behavior, vehicle health, cargo temperature, and more. Monitor your fleet’s performance and spot issues before it’s too late.

Car Sharing Solution

Turn any vehicle into a connected, sharing-ready fleet to improve overall performance, reduce fuel costs and ensure accurate vehicle positioning, anywhere, anytime.

Fleet Management Solution

Our solution enables you to track your moving fleet with pinpoint accuracy to enhance efficiency, safety and productivity while reducing costs and complexities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of GPS tracking in vehicles?

GPS tracking offer 24/7 visibility of your vehicle fleet, helps you identify your vehicles’ estimated time of arrival, track how fast they are going, distinguish if they need to be serviced, and identify the temperature of on-board cargo.

How can I track my car in real-time?

There are many GPS trackers and car tracking devices available in Singapore to help you keep track of your vehicles. Overdrive offers fleet management solutions, OverWheels, which grant you full visibility of your vehicle fleet at all times. It is a great solution for businesses in the transportation, logistics, construction, and shipping industries.

How do you put a GPS tracker on a car?

One thing to bear in mind when installing a GPS tracker is signal strength. It has to be where it can receive adequate GPS satellite or cellular signals; otherwise, the device will not work, as it should.

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