Gain complete visibility and control of your vehicles with

Overdrive’s full-fledged fleet management system, OverWheels.


Manage Your Vehicle Fleet

OverWheels is an industry-leading fleet management solution that gives you the visibility you need to be in control of your vehicle fleet, 24/7.

Who is OverWheels for?

OverWheels is an ideal complement for companies operating in the delivery, logistics and freight industries. Businesses in these industries can benefit from OverWheels’ ability to assist in route optimisation, GPS vehicle tracking and delivery tracking.


A vehicle tracking system like no other

OverWheels uses advanced telematics to provide real-time updates on where your vehicles are at all times. But it’s a lot more than a car tracking device. We know fleet management is a complex business, so OverWheels delivers all the data you need to get moving, efficiently – through real-time alerts, notifications and reports.

This level of detail includes information such as each vehicle’s current speed, estimated time of arrival, as well as in-depth technical details like your vehicles’ health and when they need to be sent for servicing and maintenance.

Transporting temperature sensitive cargo? You’ll be glad to know that OverWheels lets you monitor the temperature of onboard cargo, too.

Live Tracking

As a cloud-based system connected to your network of GPS trackers, OverWheels can provide you with valuable insights with live tracking features. You will also be able to track driver behaviours and driver fatigue, which is crucial for preventing accidents and saving lives.

Future-proof your fleet management capabilities with one of the leading IOT solutions OverWheels. Benefit from 24/7 visibility of your vehicle fleet and examine comprehensive, data-driven reports that you can access from any device, at any time.

Plan better routes, optimise fuel efficiency, lower costs

In transportation, you know that one of the keys to profitability is intelligent route planning.

OverWheels gives you the data you need to choose the most direct, least crowded routes for each vehicle – enabling you to complete more deliveries with less time and fuel. Further optimise costs by analysing each vehicle’s fuel expense history to understand where your expenses are highest, then take appropriate action to reduce these expenses. Car rental companies will appreciate how OverWheels enables you to locate and immobilise cars – preventing vehicle and fuel theft. As an investment, OverWheels pays for itself as it enables you to schedule more deliveries for increased profits, while lowering operating costs.

Speak to us to learn how you can seamlessly integrate OverWheels into your business.

Frequently Asked Question

GPS systems in vehicles help various industries and businesses in preventing possible theft and misuse of their vehicles through tracking vehicles’ whereabouts. They also help minimise fuel costs by planning out more efficient routes and improve customer service by tracking shipments effectively. Moreover, having a GPS Tracking System enhances safety by ensuring vehicles are well-maintained and by identifying dangerous driving behaviour such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration and overspeeding so you can create key safety metrics for your drivers.