Car Sharing Solution

Car Sharing Solution

Managing your fleet of vehicles, your team, and your company assets has never been easier -

thanks to the powerful car sharing solution from Overdrive.

Car Sharing Solutions


Car sharing providers, get the edge with Overdrive’s car sharing solution – a robust GPS-based fleet management solution that equips fleet owners with the tools and software you need to gather, analyse and utilise the data from reports generated by our innovative tracking technology.

Fleet management made easy

Our car sharing solution has been designed to accommodate the unique needs of every fleet.

We take the complex task of managing your team, vehicles and assets, and make it simpler than ever before. All the data collected from your Overdrive-installed GPS devices is easily accessible from anywhere, giving you real-time visibility into every aspect of your operations, including but not limited to:

Driver bookings

Driving Behaviour


Fleet Overview

Vehicle Location

Expense Tabulations

Vehicle Health

Usage Monitoring

…and more (including features customised to your specific needs)

Leading-edge technology, powerful results

Overdrive’s intelligent technology makes it possible for any fireware or hardware devices installed in your vehicles to gather all the valuable data you need and transmit it to our solution’s platform – giving you actionable insights that you can use to accelerate productivity, while reducing operational costs.

By monitoring your fleet of vehicles and sending real-time updates to your Android or iOS devices, our car sharing solution helps you to safely and efficiently manage your vehicles, drivers, scheduling and administrative matters.

Discover how our car sharing solution can be the catalyst for your business growth.

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