Car Sharing & Tracker Solution in Singapore

Managing your fleet of vehicles, your team, and your company assets have never been easier -thanks to the powerful car-sharing solution from Overdrive. Discover more about our car tracker solution in Singapore.

Car Sharing Solutions

Car sharing providers get the edge with Overdrive’s car-sharing solution – a robust GPS-based car tracker solution to enhance fleet management. It equips fleet owners with the tools and software you need to gather, analyse and utilise the data from reports generated by our innovative tracking technology.

With a car tracker installed in each vehicle in a fleet, fleet managers can track the real-time location of each vehicle on a map. Using the same technology, fleet managers can analyse the routes taken by drivers and identify opportunities for optimization. This can help reduce fuel costs, improve delivery times, and increase overall efficiency.

The Benefits of Car Sharing & Tracker Solution

Optimize Fleet Utilization

Enhance Safety and Route Planning

Improve Customer and Driver Experience

Reduce Fuel and Operation Cost

Improve the Overall Vehicle Health

Real-time Updates and Insights

Seamless End-To-End Fleet Sharing Solution

Our car-sharing solution has been designed to accommodate the unique needs of every fleet. For instance, the car tracker installed in each vehicle can monitor the health of vehicles and alert fleet managers when maintenance is required. This helps ensure that vehicles are kept in good condition and reduces the risk of breakdowns and unexpected downtime.

We take the complex task of managing your team, vehicles and assets, and make it simpler than ever before. All the data collected from your Overdrive-installed car tracker devices is easily accessible from anywhere, giving superior visibility over your fleet operation, data and more!

Manage Bookings

Have the ability to confirm bookings, assigned vehicles and, adjust bookings instantly.

Reservation Requests

Enjoy the comfort of booking your car or with a driver with any smart device.

Maintenance Management

Conduct safety checks with planned maintenance to eliminate unwanted downtime.


Protect your vehicles by safely and remotely disabling any unauthorized usage.

Vehicle Health

Monitor the condition of your vehicle with our high-powered GPS tracking devices.

Expenses Management

Our smart dashboard turns cost data into actionable insights for you to make better decisions.

Driving Behaviour

Safeguard your drivers by monitoring driver fatigue and risky driving habits.

Fleet Overview

Gain full visibility over your driver’s activities and fleet operation.

Usage Monitoring

Analyze vehicle usage and fuel consumption to eliminate wastage and boost cost-efficiency.

Transforming Mobility With Innovation Car Tracker Solutions

The car tracker technology in our car sharing solution can provide valuable data to help fleet managers optimise their operations, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency and safety of their fleet. It is extremely helpful in fleet management because it provides real-time information about the location and status of each vehicle in a fleet.

Fleet Management Solution

Maximize your fleet’s fullest potential. Capture real-time updates on vehicular activities and analyze data trends to rapidly scale up your business.

Finance Management

Get in-depth knowledge of the cost of your assets to improve your fleet efficiency and create new revenue streams.

User Management

Assign multiple users and user categories to meet your business needs.

Data-driven Operations

Streamline fleet-related processes to keep your fleet data accessible and up to date.

Versatile and Future Proof

Keep up with the latest fleet trends and gain a greater competitive edge against traditional transportation businesses.

Leading-edge technology, powerful results

Overdrive’s intelligent technology makes it possible for any firmware or hardware devices installed in your vehicles to gather all the valuable data you need and transmit it to our solution’s platform – giving you actionable insights that you can use to accelerate productivity while reducing operational costs. We go beyond the traditional fleet management solution to accommodate each business requirement, including all types of models, offering premium platforms to enable firms to effectively manage and monitor their most valuable shared assets.

Discover how our car-sharing solution can be the catalyst for your business growth.

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Overdrive was no stranger to the Ministry of Manpower. Since 2018, Overdrive had been delivering reliable IOT solutions and integrating data transfers and sensor controls to MOM vehicles. This includes designing and developing a fleet management solution with the use of RFIDs technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car sharing solution?

A seamless end-to-end fleet sharing service designed to take away the complex task of managing your team and enable you to improve efficiency. The solution transforms vehicles into a sharing-ready fleet, connecting you to a universe of possibilities.

Who can benefit from our car sharing solution?

Overdrive’s Car Sharing Solution goes beyond the traditional fleet management solution and is versatile enough to accommodate each business requirement such as car rentals, car dealers, public transportation providers and more.

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