School Bus System

School Bus Monitoring System

Give parents peace of mind with real-time updates of their child’s location,

as they travel to and from school each day.

School Bus System


Protecting your little one and ensuring their safety is a parent’s number one concern. At Overdrive, safety is our top priority.

Overdrive’s School Bus monitoring system enables parents and schools to keep track of their young explorers, whenever they travel to and from school. With our real-time tracking and monitoring system, parents and schools will never have to wonder where their children are again!

So, how does it work? 

Your child’s journey to school has never been safer.

Simply place our device in a child’s backpack, then track their location via an app on any iOS or Android device.

Our School Bus monitoring system utilises both iBeacon and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to identify the precise location of every child as they journey to and from school each day.

Overdrive’s school bus monitoring system delivers this crucial information (and more):

Real time analysis

Continuous monitoring with minimum delays.

System alerts

Configurable settings that generate notifications once a particular event happens.


Triggered through different systems, including SMS notifications and email, to make sure they reach the right people.


Generate reports with historical monitoring data. Set the rules and conditions to get the best report for your needs.

Data visualisation

Graphs allow you to understand the data at hand and give you insights into trends and patterns.

And now, let’s take a ride together!

As soon as your child’s school bus arrives, parents will receive a notification through our Mobile App. The device positioned in the schoolbag utilises an automated detection system to identify the moment your child has boarded the bus. As soon as your child reaches school, you will get another report.

When your child finishes school and boards the bus to go home, a new notification will be sent to parents.

Most importantly, the system verifies whether the person picking up the child is an appointed guardian before the child exits the bus.

Safeguard the security of your children, do it with our School Bus Monitoring system.

Your families’ safety is your number one concern and with Overdrive’s school bus monitoring system, parents have a remedy for anxiety and a recipe for peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

A school bus tracking system collects data in order to deliver information like real-time location and estimated arrival times at various bus stops throughout the route to help parents with time management as well as to monitor their children’s journey from home to school and vice versa. This solution empowers the school, the bus operators and the parents in prioritizing the children’s safety as they travel to and from the school.

Bus tracking uses high-powered BLE beacons and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags to provide parents the ability to proactively monitor their children's journey to and from the school. Overdrive also allows bus operators to gain a better visibility of their operations by streamlining transportation-related operations and eliminating administrative work, allowing them to focus more on providing parents with the peace of mind that their children are safe aboard the school bus.

Overdrive’s School Bus Tracking System offers parents real-time location updates when their child gets on and out of the bus. Simply place Overdrive’s device in a child’s backpack and track their location through a mobile application.