Covid-19 Solutions


Give parents peace of mind with real-time updates of their child’s location,

Keeping you safe and well informed at all times.


OverPax and OverGuard

A new innovative solution to help flatten the curve!

#Locator is a monitoring system tailored to enhance social distancing and ensure these measures are adhered to in the most effective way.

Overdrive’s #Locator is designed to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Helping to trace contacts, ensure social distancing and bring down community transmission.


A reliable solution for Covid-19. 

It is as simple as a Bluetooth wearable linked to a mobile app that gives any organization the opportunity to obtain information on any social movements within a specified area.


How does it work?

Scenario A

Users with On-The-Go mobile app will able to report accurate locations and provide an alert when social distancing is breached.

Location beacons can also be installed in buildings, relaying accurate people counter, movement, and social distancing alert.


Scenario B

If user does not have a smartphone, he will be given a BLE dongle and it can be in the form of access card, lanyard tag, wristband and more.

User with mobile phones will be able to assist the transmission of accurate location updates from these BLE dongles, providing information on people counter, movement and social distancing alerts.


Scenario C

Workers will be given a BLE dongle for movement and location tracking. The dongle will beep if social distancing is breached.

BLE gateway can be strategically placed within a facility and on vehicles, transmitting information on workers’ movement, social distancing alert and more.


Who will benefit from it?

Not limited to one industry or function alone, Overdrive continues its pursuit to develop systems that are suitable for any given situation. The robust platform is designed to manage the Covid-19 pandemic much more effectively, maximizing resources, and hopefully saving more lives.


With Overdrive, you can now monitor people's movement and asset in a glance via any smartphone!

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