Real Time Location System

Real Time Location System

Monitor the locations and safety of your workers,

while keeping track of every object inside (and outside) of buildings and facilities.

Real Time Location System


Are you searching for a power-packed solution to track the real-time location of equipment, other objects and people within your facilities?

Well, look no further.

OverGuard is Overdrive’s Real Time Location Solution (RTLS) that is designed to address your requirements. Our RTLS technology uses Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi gateways to track the precise locations of people and objects within buildings, facilities or compounds – in both indoor and outdoor areas.

With our Overdrive platform, you can easily utilise and integrate this technology with almost all existing tracking devices.

OverGuard ensures that you have accurate knowledge of the actual position of items, people and vehicles, by keeping a constant track of each event. You can access a full report of analytics via our mobile app, granting you a fully functional and efficient monitoring system in real time.

Improving business efficiencies, safety standards and profitability

During facility shutdowns, turnover and maintenance, most of your projects may run late and over budget, resulting in financial losses.

At the same time, hundreds to thousands of employees and contractors located within your facility may be unfamiliar to the layout, resulting in risky circumstances within hazardous zones.

Overdrive’s RTLS solution has been developed to strengthen your safety guidelines and provide you with an efficient solution to handle complex conditions.

Our answer to your needs

Using our user-friendly interface, you can customise options seamlessly. Our real-time location system monitors the movement of contractors, visitors, and employees in and out of the authorised zone.

Overdrive’s RTLS integrates a complete list of features dedicated to your business security:

Man-down monitoring with G-Sensor

This ensures prompt response to ensure efficiency in areas without cameras or people, where the time taken to rescue might be too long. This monitoring system detects and broadcasts the impact of a worker falling down.

Anti-explosive ATEX certified

Overdrive devices are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and other hazardous areas.

On-device button for emergencies

Once the panic alert is activated, the device will broadcast that the button has been pushed and the buzzer will sound.

Indoor/outdoor positioning system

Precise Bluetooth signal calculations provide highly accurate location data – of people and objects – inside and outside your warehouse, building or facility

Up to 3 years of battery life

Ultra-low power requirements mean that your Overdrive devices will operate for up to 3 years on their original batteries

Sturdy enclosure: IP67 and drop-proof

Overdrive devices are built to survive falls, water and more – keeping your employees safe in any environment.

Worker identification

The device must be integrated with an NFC/RFID (HID compatible) chip. This chip allows access control to certain areas on the facility. It is also used for registrations at the guard booth and collecting tags. Therefore, you will easily find the associated tag in the system.

Smart secure tag for Bluetooth communication with a security key

You can access your available reports from anywhere. Our customisation options provide an extensive solution for you to create tailor-made reports that match your specific needs. Tracking, measuring and analysing essential data with Overdrive’s RTLS solution has never been better.

Take advantage of our RTLS system today and get ready to explore a completely new dimension of facility monitoring that not only helps improve the safety of your people, but also allows you to grow your business and increase your productivity.

If you need a Proof Of Concept (POC) trial, talk to us now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

RTLS stands for Real-Time Locating Systems, which is used to remotely track precise geolocation and movement of objects, such as vehicles, people or assets. RTLS is utilised in various industries, ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to construction and logistics.

RTLS works by attaching tags or wearables such as beacons, NFC or RFID to an object. As these tagged items move around, the tag sends signals to receivers that are fixed in the surrounding environment. Added full stop, these signals are then sent to servers and received by the end-user.

A real-time location tracking system is a technology that allows you to track movements in a given location that can be utilised for various business operations. For instance, logistics companies can utilize RTLS by having an end to end visibility for movements of parcels, containers and packages in the warehouse. It can also be used to safeguard your employees by monitoring worker’s movement within your facility and identifying any unauthorized access.

Overguard is our Real-Time Location System provides real-time location of assets and vehicles even in areas with no GPS connectivity. Thus, it can provide precise data that can be used in monitoring operations and tracking assets at all times. It also increases productivity by providing greater visibility while ensuring safety and security within the premises. Most of all, RTLS is relatively low-cost compared to other technologies.