Managing People, Vehicles and Facilities

Customised or Ready Solutions for highly accurate GPS location and tracking features – enhancing worker safety in hazardous locations and improving car tracking capabilities. 


For Vehicles

OverWheels is the most complete fleet management system available today. It grants you complete control over your vehicle fleet at all times. This solution is an ideal complement for companies operating in the delivery, logistics and freight industries.

With OverWheels, you have immediate access to every vehicle’s location, speed, estimated time of arrival, information on whether they need to be serviced, and even the temperature of onboard cargo. Best of all, OverWheels puts all the data you need to plan better routes, improve vehicle efficiencies and reduce operating costs into the palm of your hand.


For Facilities

OverGuard is a real time location tracking system for indoor and outdoor areas, including warehouses, airports, hospitals, buildings and other facilities. The solution enables you to track, measure and analyse crucial data in your work site – data that you can use to keep track of all workers and assets throughout your facility.

Simply put, OverGuard is your facility’s guardian angel, providing you with man-down monitoring, movement tracking, asset identification, environmental monitoring and other features to improve worker safety, facility security and efficiency.


For People

OverPax puts the power of real-time GPS tracking into the hands of passengers travelling on school buses and company vehicles. With OverPax, you can offer peace of mind to commuters’ employers and family members, as they know their loved ones are safe.

Our three OverPax solutions include a school bus monitoring system for kids, an employee transportation system for staff, and tracking systems for the elderly that detect falls and a lack of movement. OverPax allows employers and family members to monitor their loved ones via a convenient mobile app.