Ridership Management

Employees Transportation System

Manage your company’s employee transport with ease, efficiency and a new level of clarity. 

Managing Employees’ Rides


Managing your employees’ travels to and from work can, for many companies, take up an excessive amount of time.

In addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, business managers are also overloaded with a slew of employee requests, while handling multiple bus operators and drivers every day.

All this administrative work is both time and energy-consuming.

Overdrive’s employee transportation solution saves the day

Overdrive’s employee transportation system allows companies to locate and track employees, interact with bus operators, and make supervisors’ jobs simpler with real-time transport monitoring.

If a bus is running late, passengers and all relevant personnel can see the information from their app – no human intervention is needed (and no troublesome phone calls need to be made).

Happy employees are focused employees

Employees benefit from our employee transportation app, too, as they enjoy the convenience of booking their transportation requests online. They can also relax with the knowledge that their bus only serves authorised addresses.

Once a booking is made from an employee’s mobile phone, it is confirmed in the system.

With their transport to and from work off their mind, employees can remain focused on their work, knowing that they have their ride booked and secured.

Everyone benefits from reliable employee transportation

The benefits of our employee transportation system extend to everyone in the organisation – even those who don’t take company transport. For starters, staff in roles that are unrelated to transportation, will no longer have to act as go-betweens for employees and bus operators.

Additionally, management will have complete visibility into the details of their company transportation service – gaining the valuable information they need to eliminate any abuse of the company transportation service, limit unnecessary paperwork, and review data logs regarding ridership and usage trends.

This enables management to streamline transport-related processes – increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Improved safety standards for bus operators

For bus operators, utilising our employee transportation system results in higher levels of safety, as drivers only need to focus on driving – and not be distracted by administrative tasks.

Want to know more?

Gain clarity into your transportation systems with our employee transportation system and reduce the likelihood of confusion, delays or arguments arising from less organised transportation systems.

Get an in-depth look at our employee transportation solution today, talk to us to find out more.