PT Pertamina Patra Niaga and Overdrive pilots a SmartMT Program in Indonesia

Employee Transportation System

JAKARTA – Overdrive continues to innovate and empower smart connectivity in the oil and gas sector as it partners with PT Pertamina Patra Niaga to digitally transform the land transportation for mobile tanks (MT).

In the spirit of celebrating its 63rd year in service, Pertamina Patra Niaga offers a SmartMT Program as a way to revive energy and commemorate the sustainable progress of Indonesia.

Smart MT program was rolled out in 2019 and Pertamina Patra Niaga teams up with Overdrive, who was tasked to designed a system that will give them the ability to monitor vehicles' geolocation, and overall visibility of their whole delivery supply chain process. It entails process control, driver and public safety, and protection against any possible fraud and fuel theft.

Beyond telematics, Overdrive’s comprehensive platform was designed to manage Pertamina’s tank car and tank car crew (AMT), ensuring optimal condition before delivering products from the terminals to and from 5,518 petrol stations.

Overdrive developed premium features that are in lined with Pertamina’s future business expansion.

Auto Route Navigation

Provides data on start and end points, with fixed routes determined by the fleet management system

Facial Fatigue Sensor

Provides fatigue level data of crew members

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensor

Provides all vehicle tyre air pressure data

Auto Maintenance System

Ability to set web alerts as a reminder on periodic maintenance

Vehicle & Driver’s Data Logging

Enables users to see all vehicle & driver’s data logging.

Fuel Consumption Sensor

Provides information on the usage and compares efficiency against the vehicle’s activities

Driver Behavior Sensor

Provides driving behaviour score such as overspeeding, harsh braking, idling, etc.

Electronic Sensor System

Provides real-time status information on the vehicle’s electronic condition

Authorized Driver

An authorization method to function as a key to register driver to the vehicle with the use of fingerprint scanners

Data Logger

Store transaction data in local storage

Safety Induction Voice

Provides voice instructions to drivers regarding driving regulations and safety rules (HSE)

Moreover, the platform enables the setup of alerts, notifications and triggers that can help Pertamina have real-time data access and availability.


The system allows Pertamina to prompt new tasks and predetermine routes to authorized drivers through a precision GPS tracking tablet installed in each truck.

Once a task is completed, Pertamina will be notified in real-time, giving them the capability to schedule new jobs for their drivers, maximizing their time and productivity.

Overdrive’s high-end sensors and solutions ensure the successful digital transformation of Pertamina’s transport and operational process. It gives them the convenience and the boost of confidence in ensuring the accuracy and transparency of data in every transaction carried out.

The preparations for enhancement of the project are set in motion and SmartMT is scheduled to go live by the end of 2021.