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IoT In Transportation Industry

Employee transportation is an important yet often underinvested part of running a business. Managing the onerous administrative tasks behind employee transportation requires the time and attention of operation managers who could be spending those hours more productively.

While providing employees with transportation has several advantages, safety issues become a concern as many companies do not have a platform that can monitor their employees taking the provided transport. These companies manually keep track of their employees’ attendance, resulting in inaccuracies on the manifest of the passengers onboard.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With IoT solutions, companies can spend less time and money managing employee transportation, while simultaneously improving the processes involved. Read on to find out how IoT technologies can revolutionise employee transportation.

Common vehicle tracking myths range from how the devices monitor employees’ privacy, to their capabilities, to the type of business where GPS trackers are needed.

Now, let’s debunk these myths and misconceptions with solid evidence and truths on how GPS trackers really work.


Allow employees to pre-book seats

 Providing transportation for your employees can be an attractive perk to attract top talent to your business. The ability to travel in comfort to and fro is definitely a form of staff welfare that will be well-appreciated.

However, the requirements of transportation change from time to time.. Employee relocation, staff turnover, and even expansion into new offices mean that optimising your employee transportation needs is a full-time job.

With OverDrive’s Employees Transportation Solution, such challenges are easily tackled. Our system provides end-to-end management of the entire operation, and allows employees to book their transportation requests online. This not only allows them to focus on their work and productivity but can also reduce absenteeism.

Our high-tech system also automatically notifies you of changing schedules and required capacity. Balancing the costs of providing transportation services and reaping the benefits becomes simpler.

GPS Tracking to Optimise Routes

Planning the optimal route to get employees to work on time can be a headache to manage. Even in a country as small as Singapore, employees are going to be based all over the island and it can be tricky to coordinate pickups and dropoffs.

Fortunately, OverDrive’s IoT solutions are able to integrate and work with many different types of sensors, including gps trackers in Singapore. With real-time updates, you will be able to monitor all current trips on a centralised platform. You can be one step ahead of any traffic delays and pre-empt critical situations.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is an increasing priority for companies who want to show both their consumers and employees that they are committed to greener practices. Employee transportation that utilises electric vehicles (EVs) is a great way to make your stance known.

Apart from positioning your corporate reputation as one that is environmentally-conscious, you can also save on fuel costs and lower overheads. GPS tracking systems also complement EVs excellently by providing crucial insights into battery life and maintenance.

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Vehicle Servicing employee transportation

Vehicle Servicing

Owning your own company transport fleet can cut down on expenditure, but the onus is on business owners to ensure that their vehicles are well maintained. Our Employees Transportation Solution has anticipated such needs with features that alert you when vehicles are scheduled for servicing.

Ensuring your vehicles are running smoothly reduces downtime of transportation services and provides assurance that your employees reach work on time every day.

Eliminates Abuse of Transport Services and Enhances Safety

Knowingly or unknowingly, employees might abuse the privileges of a transport service provided by their company. Booking seats without showing up slows down the entire process, and causes delay for everyone else. With digital reporting and analytics, identifying such abuses becomes simplified without having to resort to unnecessary paperwork.

Employee transportation solutions also improve safety by providing an accurate passenger manifest that ensures that only authorised employees are using the transport service. This provides safety for your employees and adds a layer of security for your workplace. You can also utilise these technologies to monitor drivers on the road to forestall any road incidents that might take place.

Technology, and especially IoT technology, allows you to automate away the mundane and tedious administrative work that can interfere with productivity. OverDrive’s Employees Transport Solution makes the job of managing transport operations much easier and more painless. Supervisors are then freed up to focus on more pressing issues, and can utilise the powerful technology behind our products and services to make decisions that can cut costs and increase profits.


Looking for IoT solutions for employee transport, or interested to know more about our products? Contact us today and let us know what your digital needs are, and let us take you through our suite of services to find one that can transform your business.