Overpax: People Tracking Solution

Overdrive goes beyond transporting people safely. We grant you the ability to offer peace of mind to commuters with real-time location information and people tracking features.


Moving people safely

Overpax is designed to monitor the safety of the people you care about. Overpax equips workers, students, employees, and subcontractors with the ability to send and receive precise geolocation data and enable real-time movement tracking to ensure their safety, always.

A Real-Time GPS Tracker in Singapore

A simple-to-use GPS tracker that is accessible on any device – anytime, anywhere.

School Bus Monitoring Solution

Overdrive empowers schools, parents, and bus operators to keep a watchful eye on passengers while commuting between homes and schools through safe and reliable people tracking. The real-time monitoring capabilities of this GPS tracker solution ensure effective management of transport operations and optimization of bus routes – putting safety as our topmost priority.

Employee Transportation Solution

An award-winning Employee Transportation Solution that offers you end-to-end management on every aspect of fleet operation including people tracking. Employees can use a mobile app to pre-book their ride home, which supervisors can accept (or reject). Once confirmed, employees receive a QR code, which allows them to board the company vehicle.

Worker Monitoring Solution

OverPax people tracking capabilities empower you to keep your workers well protected by setting preemptive safety measures and providing faster response time in case of emergencies. If no movement is detected over a period of time, a responder is alerted. Similarly, if the GPS tracker platform detects a fall, a notification will be sent, along with their exact location.

#Locator: Movement Monitoring Solution

Overpax enables you to enhance social distancing and ensure these measures are adhered to most effectively through people tracking. It is as simple as a Bluetooth wearable linked to a GPS tracker mobile app that allows any organisation to obtain information on any social movements within a specified area.

With OverPax People Tracking Solution, you are in good hands.

Hassle-free Connectivity

Importantly, OverPax is a low-cost, ultra-low power platform that is compatible with all android and iOS devices. This means your commuters can be protected as OverPax provides real-time GPS location data to the people who care about them – without affecting the battery life or usage of their mobile devices.

24/7 Access, Real-Time Location Services

OverPax is designed as a simple, elegant solution that simply works – whenever and wherever it’s needed.

With 24/7 access to real-time location data, even overnight drives are covered by OverPax’s unrivalled GPS tracking abilities.

Your commuters’ safety is our priority

At its heart, OverPax is a people-centric solution. We focus on keeping employees, children and the elderly safe through real-time GSP tracking and vehicle monitoring – all across Singapore.

With OverPax, you have full transparency over the location and condition of workers, students, and employees,–In fact, each day we monitor over 3,000 students from 6 international schools in Asia – sending their locations to loved ones in real-time, as they are driven safely to and from school.

Give workers, students, and employees peace of mind that their safety – and whereabouts – are in good hands with OverPax.

Provide your loved ones the extra security they need with OverPax

Know more on how you can enhance safety with OverPax

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We offer you full transparency over the location and condition of workers, students, and employees, setting your mind at ease knowing they are safe, always.

School Bus Monitoring Solution

We empower parents and schools to keep track of students whenever they travel to and from school. Its real-time monitoring capabilities ensure effective monitoring of transport operations and optimization of bus routes – putting safety as our topmost priority.

Employee Transportation Solution

A smarter and safer commute. We offer a better way for businesses to account for their staff by providing accurate manifestation of passengers onboard, identifying any unauthorized passengers, and monitoring drivers to prevent incidents on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does OverPax track?

OverPax’s wide range of solutions is ideal for tracking passengers, monitoring people’s movement or conditions, and ensuring the safety of workers assigned on-site facilities or hazardous areas.

How does Overpax enhance safety?

OverPax utilizes the power of GPS tracking sensors and devices that enables real-time movement tracking to ensure a person’s safety at all times. It can be in a form of wearables and tags that can be carried or worn by the person, allowing you to receive updates on their status, condition, and location. This can be utilised in ensuring that your loved ones are safe while travelling or verifying that they safely arrived at their destinations. It can also be used to track your kids’ movement while you are in the workplace

Does monitoring people considered an invasion of privacy?

No, it is not considered an invasion of privacy. OverPax is designed to provide monitoring solutions based on the guidelines provided by a business that each employee was required to comply with, without accessing any personal information. Our goal is to help businesses enhance safety and provide ways to better account for their employees.

How does OverPax add value?

OverPax enables real-time movement tracking to ensure people’s safety, always. This includes monitoring workers’ movement within facilities to alert them of nearby hazards and provide greater visibility on the employees taking the company transport to prevent future accidents from happening.

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