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Electric Vehicles & GPS Trackers: The Benefits & How It Works

Electric Vehicles & GPS Trackers: The Benefits & How It Works

Singapore has been working towards the goal of phasing out Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles in a bid to have all vehicles run on cleaner energy by 2040. Since electric vehicles emit half the amount of carbon dioxide as compared to vehicles powered by ICE, they are the next step forward when it comes to a greener Singapore.

To encourage more to adopt the environmentally-friendly option, almost 2000 HDB car parks in Singapore will have at least three electric vehicle charging points by 2025.

With more seeing the importance of transitioning to electric vehicles, a robust GPS tracker will also be needed. Read on to find out more about how electric vehicles and a car tracker work together hand in hand.


Why is a car tracking device needed for electric vehicles?

1. Greater security

Electric vehicles may be better for the environment but they are also sizeable investments due to their expensive parts. Certain electric vehicle models gain even more value over the years, making them desirable for thieves. Therefore, installing a GPS tracker for electric vehicles in Singapore is a great way to enhance security, especially if you are running a car rental company, as you will be able to track the exact location of the cars in real-time and alert the authorities immediately once you notice anything amiss.

2. Never run out of battery

While Singapore is planning to make charging electric vehicles more accessible, the reality is that the project will take several years. Thankfully, with a GPS tracker, better routes can be planned so as to help drivers arrive at their destination in the quickest and most efficient way. This optimises battery life and thus, takes away having to worry about running out of battery halfway through your journey.

3. Remind drivers about maintenance

Although electric vehicles may require less frequent or intensive maintenance compared to conventional cars, it does not mean delaying or ignoring symptoms is the way to go. In doing so, it can actually cause further damage and result in having to change parts which will cost more ultimately. This is where a GPS tracker comes in handy, as it will be able to read data about your vehicles’ health to alert you when servicing or maintenance is needed.

4. Improve safety

Planning to purchase a fleet of electric vehicles for your business and want to make sure your employees are driving safely at the same time? A GPS tracker will lend a helping hand as it is able to track the vehicle’s current speed and estimated time of arrival – effectively improving safety. Get in touch with the driver if they are driving too fast or check up on them if they have yet to arrive at their destination after a long period of time.


How does a car tracking device in an electric vehicle work?

car tracking device can be installed in your electric vehicle and uses advanced telematics to provide real-time updates on your vehicle’s location and health all day, 24/7.

Operators typically download a mobile app to receive notifications, reports and insights that can help them to plan better routes, increase security, optimise battery health and more.

However, a common misconception about a car tracking device is that it will deplete the battery of an electric vehicle quickly. The good news is that this worry is unfounded, as the tracker uses very little energy and it is highly unlikely that it will affect your car’s battery life.


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