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3 Ways Vehicle Tracking Systems Help Maximise Your Business


A vehicle fleet is the heart of every transportation business and as the business starts to expand, managing them can be challenging. Problems like higher operational costs, shipment delays, and poorer safety often result from inefficient management.

However, when managed properly, vehicle tracking systems can also be invaluable tools in various industries – transportation, car rental, and logistics. Here are 3 ways that they incorporate IoT solutions to help companies in Singapore to maximise their business operations.

Fleet Management system Singapore1. They improve productivity

Managing a large fleet of vehicles can be a difficult affair, particularly for large organisations with hundreds of vehicles travelling about each day. With help from a cloud-based system connected to a network of GPS trackers embedded in each vehicle, Overdrive’s OverWheels delivers both vehicle tracking and fleet management systems within an intuitive app that can be assessed from mobile devices.

OverWheels incorporates telematics to provide a wide range of features for fleet managers in Singapore, such as access to real-time data on the locations of their vehicles and instant alerts and notifications for successful deliveries or issues that may crop up, allowing managers to promptly step in to handle the situation. It also reduces the amount of paperwork for administrative staff to handle, doing away with potential human errors as well as keeping employees on the same page through usage of a single mobile app. They also generate comprehensive reports to help influence and streamline company processes for greater productivity.

 2. They help save on costs

Besides tracking the movement of your vehicle fleet, vehicle tracking systems such as OverWheels provide additional information such as each vehicle’s current speed, estimated time of arrival, and even monitoring the temperature of onboard cargo, which is invaluable when transporting perishable goods. By observing fuel consumption and identifying the best routes for deliveries or shipments, these systems save on fuel costs and ensure goods are delivered in optimal condition and time.

Vehicle tracking systems also allow companies to track the driving behaviour and time management of their drivers, allowing them to identify drivers who may be skiving and leaving the engine running, committing fuel theft, or practice poor driving; and take actions to prevent it or educate drivers to lower fuel costs and reduce inefficiency. OverWheels also provides fleet management features such as daily trip counter reports and vehicle diagnostics, alerting management when specific vehicles are due for maintenance and allowing for an effective vehicle management cycle for reduced downtime and repair costs while maintaining delivery schedules.

3. They safeguard lives and property

Maintaining the integrity and safety of both a vehicle fleet and their users is critical for businesses, with any damage or injury having the potential to significantly set back company profits. Vehicle tracking systems alert drivers in real-time on road accidents, high traffic, or road works; allowing them to alter their route as necessary and lowering the risk of accidents or injury, especially for companies who offer transportation services for their employees to and from the workplace.

OverWheels incorporates IoT solutions such as geofencing, which allows administrators to set up geographical boundaries and alerts them through instant alerts or notifications to devices whenever a vehicle strays out of the designated area. This helps car rental companies prevent vehicle theft from customers, as well as avoiding vehicle misuse for delivery companies or alerting in case drivers stray off their designated routes.


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