Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

Taking control of your vehicle fleet is simple and intuitive with the industry’s leading fleet management system, Overdrive.

Fleet Management System


An efficient system to manage your fleet is necessary to avoid wasteful overhead. Nowadays, every fleet requires the best solution to take real-time control of your vehicles and prevent all possible related risks.

Overdrive’s Fleet Management System provides an extensive list of concrete features, all available on our Overdrive mobile app.

Your vehicle fleet is the heart of your business.

We understand your need to manage your fleet in the most time and cost-effective way possible – boosting productivity, profitability and safety, while reducing costs and complexities.

Overdrive gives you the tools to do all this and more:

Reduce inefficiencies

Identify unreliable drivers

Protect against vehicle and fuel theft

Safeguard against employee litigation

Improve driver safety

These are only a few reasons why our Fleet Management System is the right solution for you.

Track every detail, in real time

Get peace of mind from being aware that all your vehicles are optimised and safe at any given time.

Our answer to your fleet management needs has been developed by our years of experience and cutting-edge technologies.

Overdrive delivers real-time tracking of every detail in your vehicle fleet’s journey, including:

Route Tracking

Reduce drivers abuse and theft risk by providing reliable real-time vehicle route tracking.

Trip Counter

Having a regular report to ensure the safety of your drives is priceless. Our Trip Counter creates a daily report to visualise the trips taken in one day.


Location Notification

Alerts are fundamental to taking quick action whenever necessary. Our notification system triggers an alert any time your vehicle reaches its desired destination.

Driver’s Usage

Our system monitors driver’s usage to avoid risky driving habits.

Dash Camera

Keep your business in a safe zone by receiving savings when negotiating insurance policies, as well as security against employee litigation. Our Dash Camera is equipped with streaming capability 24/7.

LIVE data reporting

Powerful access to all collected data, in a user-friendly manner, anywhere and anytime you need it.

Vehicles health diagnostic

Constantly tracking the “healthy” status of your vehicles may save you from potentially catastrophic consequences. Our system not only keeps track of your vehicle status, it also notifies you anytime your vehicle is falling sick.

What else do you need to manage your fleet? Get in Touch today for a free consultation with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every business that has a fleet needs a fleet management system to help ensure that their vehicles and operations run smoothly. Fleet management systems use cutting-edge telematics technology to help businesses maximize their fleet’s full potential without compromising efficiency, productivity, and cost.

A fleet management system has a plethora of benefits. It improves cost efficiency by monitoring vehicle usage and fuel consumption, enhances safety by detecting dangerous driving behavior and provides safety metrics for your drivers, keeping both your employees and vehicle safe at all times. Furthermore, it gives real-time access to vehicular data and has valuable insights to make better business decisions including better routes, schedules and deployments.

Fleet management doesn’t have to be costly. However, the cost varies based on different business requirements. Overdrive has an off-the-shelf ready solution as well as customized ones. Contact us to know more about our OverWheels fleet management system.

Overdrive’s fleet management system employs modern telematics to deliver continuous real-time data on the whereabouts of each vehicle in the fleet. Through real-time alerts, notifications, and reports, we provide you with all the information you need for an efficient operation. The details include information such as each vehicle's current speed, projected arrival time, and in-depth technical facts such as the health of your cars and when they need to be serviced and maintained.

A fleet management system can be used in many industries no matter the size or nature of work, as long as they use more than one vehicle for their operations. It can be used to make several tasks such as logistics and transportation more efficient and easier to monitor.