Machine, Equipment and Environmental Monitoring

Accurately track equipment, assess facility conditions and even monitor humidity, room temperature and weather patterns in real-time. Overdrive’s equipment monitoring solution can provide end-to-end tracking to streamline facility management. Combining machine monitoring and environmental monitoring solutions, Overguard is set to improve security while minimising hazards.


Machine, Equipment and Environmental Monitoring in One

OverGuard is an equipment, machine and environmental monitoring solution that provides you end-to-end visibility over your most valuable assets in real-time. Our solution offers equipment monitoring that enables you to safeguard your equipment. Get updates on equipment and machine conditions to avoid misuse or misplacement. Detect any abnormalities to avoid expensive breakdowns and even extend the life cycles of your equipment.

Apart from relentless monitoring of your equipment, Overguard can also track and assess site and facility conditions such as humidity, temperature, and air quality to maintain a suitable working environment. This innovative environmental monitoring solution is ideal for use in construction, manufacturing, airports, hospitals, and other buildings. OverGuard offers a variety of sensors and devices, ranging from Bluetooth Low Energy devices and Wi-Fi gateways to RFID technology that works seamlessly with any application.

visibility over your equipment

Benefits that OverGuard Bring

Enhance asset security

Keep an eye on your equipment and other critical assets to ensure they are safe, always.

Accurate Data Analytics

Real-time analytics on your entire operation.

Increase Asset Visibility

Pinpoint accurate asset location and monitor its status and condition at a glance.

Improve Forklift Tracking

Monitor movements of forklifts and lifting trucks to optimize usage and enhance worker safety.

Prevent Loss and Theft

Safeguard equipment at all cost and reduce potential theft or loss.

Increase Equipment Life Cycle

Improve resource availability and get full knowledge on equipment usage.

Seamless Data Location Capabilities

Whether you are running a production facility or monitoring equipment, OverGuard grants you the power to gain full control over your most valuable assets anywhere- even in locations where GPS is not available

OverGuard in Real Scenarios

We offer a wide array of sensors and devices that works seamlessly with any application.

Inventory Monitoring

Inventory Monitoring

Track inventories to avoid delays and misplacements or even manage multiple items placed in a single location such as pallets and crates, both indoor and outdoor.

Smart toilet monitoring by overdrive

Smart Toilet Monitoring

Monitor toilet consumables and usage patterns in real-time. Optimize schedule cleaning resources where they are most needed without the additional labor and cost

Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Assess site and facility conditions such as humidity, temperature and air quality to maintain a suitable working environment for workers, assets and equipment.

Equipment monitoring

Equipment Monitoring

Get updates on equipment and machine location, usage and conditions to avoid misuse or misplacements. Detect any abnormalities before they even cause machine failure or potential explosions.

Smart healthcare monitoring

Smart Healthcare Monitoring

Have complete visibility of critical medical assets such as patient blood bags, IV pumps, heart monitors, beds, wheelchairs, equipment, and more.

Smart airport monitoring

Smart Airport Monitoring

Accurately track baggage, equipment galley carts, and other valuable assets within airports to avoid delays and mishandling.

Get ready to explore a completely new dimension of asset monitoring.

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Accurately track location, condition, movement of equipment and assess facility conditions such as humidity, temperature, and air quality, and even monitor toilet consumables and usage patterns in real-time.

Worker Monitoring Solution

Keep your workers well protected by setting preemptive safety measures, providing faster response time in case of emergencies and keeping the workplace up to standard to prevent business shutdown.

Real-Time Location Solution for Government Agencies

Overdrive grants the ability to have full visibility of your assets wherever they may be, even in areas with zero GPS network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is beacon technology?

Beacon is a technology that is shaping the way we advertise, collect data, and connect with customers today. It is a small, wireless transmitter that uses low energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices in proximity, making location-based marketing and real-time location tracking solutions more accurate.

What does OverGuard track?

OverGuard tracks the location, condition, and movement of objects such as machines, equipment, trailers, bins, wheelchairs, pallets, and other non-powered assets. It also assesses facility conditions such as humidity, temperature, and air quality, as well as monitors toilet consumables and usage patterns in real-time.

How accurate is OverGuard?

OverGuard offers distinct levels of accuracy across your entire operation and allows you to achieve an excellent position accuracy of up to 10 cm.

How does OverGuard add value?

OverGuard enhances security and productivity by efficiently capturing the location, movement, and usage of all assets in a single platform. It is designed to protect your assets in a cost-effective way, with devices lasting up to 2-3 years without a charge to reduce the need for costly replacements.

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