A solution tailored to enhance social distancing measures. With just a simple
Bluetooth dongle, you can now be informed on people counter and movement,
or have visibility on places where crowd control and workers movement monitoring
is required.


Social Distancing Solution

The Covid-19 Pandemic is continuously posing unconventional challenges across businesses and many are still carrying out additional precautionary measures as they navigate to the new normal.

Leveraging the power of IoT, Overdrive developed #Locator, a monitoring platform designed to enhance public safety, assist with contact tracing, and improve safety compliance as businesses start to recover. We empower you with accurate location information, and provide full visibility on people’s movement at a glance, potentially bringing down community transmissions, and preventing new Covid-19 clusters from emerging.

The benefits that #Locator brings

Increase Public Safety

Enhance Safe Social Distancing

Minimize Community Transmission

Prevents New Covid-19 Clusters

Promotes Safe Workplace

Safeguards Employees and Workers

A reliable solution for Covid-19

It is as simple as a Bluetooth wearable linked to a mobile app that gives any organization the opportunity to obtain information on any social movements within a specified area.

How does it work?

Scenario A

Users with On-The-Go mobile app will be able to report accurate locations and provide an alert when social distancing is breached.

Location beacons can also be installed in buildings, relaying accurate people counter, movement, and social distancing alert.

Scenario B

If the user does not have a smartphone, he will be given a BLE dongle and it can be in the form of an access card, lanyard tag, wristband, and more.

Users with mobile phones will be able to assist the transmission of accurate location updates from these BLE dongles, providing information on people counter, movement and social distancing alerts.

Scenario C

Workers will be given a BLE dongle for movement and location tracking. The dongle will beep if social distancing is breached.

BLE gateway can be strategically placed within a facility and on vehicles, transmitting information on workers’ movement, social distancing alert and more.

Who will benefit from it?

Not limited to one industry or function alone, Overdrive continues its pursuit to develop solutions that are suitable for any given situation. The robust platform is designed to manage the Covid-19 pandemic much more effectively, maximizing resources, and hopefully saving more lives.


Help workers maintain safe social distancing practices as they go to work or on-site.


Gain visibility on the available doctors and nurses in a specific area or schedule.


Keep students and staff safe by observing the necessary social distancing measures.


Obtain information of people in quarantine or have stay home notice and ensures they are within designated areas.

Navigating through challenging times.

The demand for a Covid-19 quick fix is still growing and with the power of IoT and GPS monitoring, we can regulate social movements while ensuring people’s health and safety remains a priority, always.

A simple solution to a complex problem.

Together, we can fight Covid-19!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need #locator?

#Locator is designed to improve lives. By monitoring people movement, you can increase operational efficiency, reduce cost, and even improve the quality of life.

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