Overdrive offers a customized fleet management solution designed to track and locate ships with ease. We enhance safety for the people on board and grant ship owners access to critical data including real-time position course, speed, and status, as well as capture reports no matter where the ship sails to.

Overdrive optimizes fleet management to a whole new level

Empowering ship owners to track their vessel’s location, status, and condition in real-time.

Providing robust hardware tailored to withstand rugged sea conditions and seamlessly integrates to any platform to collectively record important data and generate real-time reports.

Enabling ship owners the ability to monitor and have full visibility of ship’s arrivals and departures.

Offers geofence capabilities that allow fast emergency response triggers in case of any distress at sea.
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The Benefits for Shipping Industries

Highly Customizable

Customised Vessel Tracking Solutions specifically designed for vessel monitoring

Improve Data Collection

Receive accurate real-time data for better ship efficiency and functionality.

Enhance Security

Ensures that crew and ship passengers never venture into unsafe waters.

Reduce Costs

Optimize fuel consumption, minimize paperwork and collect ship performance data to better manage resources.

Where are you sailing to? Overdrive knows it all.

Our Clients and Partners

Case Studies

Pertamina Patra Niaga Smart MT Program

Overdrive continues to innovate and empower smart connectivity in the oil and gas sector as it partners with PT Pertamina Patra Niaga to digitally transform the land transportation for mobile tanks (MT).

Ministry of Manpower awards Fleet Management with Car Sharing Project to Overdrive

Overdrive was no stranger to the Ministry of Manpower. Since 2018, Overdrive had been delivering reliable IOT solutions and integrating data transfers and sensor controls to MOM vehicles. This includes designing and developing a fleet management solution with the use of RFIDs technology.

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