Oil and Gas

Overdrive develops solutions to help Oil and Gas industries to monitor their tanks and delivery trucks, providing overall visibility of their whole delivery supply chain process. Our solution offers process control, driver and public safety, and protection against any possible fraud and fuel theft.

Our Oil and Gas Solutions

Fleet Management Solution

Digitally transform transport and operational process, giving oil and gas companies the convenience and boost of confidence in ensuring the accuracy and transparency of data in every transaction carried out.

Real-Time Location Solution

Protect workers by detecting and broadcasting the impact of any worker falling down, leaving no man behind. Moreover, we empower businesses to safeguard their most critical assets to schedule maintenance and potentially extend asset life value.

Social Distancing Solution

Get data on people counter and movement, ensuring they never wander off to high-risk areas such as road hazards, weather conditions, and schedule changes.

The Benefits for Oil and Gas Industries

Reduce Downtime

Enable preventive maintenance to avoid costly and unwanted shutdowns.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Streamline work processes for better planning and scheduling.

Improve Safety

Real-time monitoring of worker movement and status updates on hazardous conditions to prevent on-site incidents.

Reduce Fuel Cost

Analyze driving trends and automate routes to improve fuel usage.

Accurate Data Analytics

Get real-time access to critical data and have valuable insights to make better business decisions

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Our Clients and Partners

Case Studies

Pertamina Patra Niaga Smart MT Program

Overdrive continues to innovate and empower smart connectivity in the oil and gas sector as it partners with PT Pertamina Patra Niaga to digitally transform the land transportation for mobile tanks (MT).

Ministry of Manpower awards Fleet Management with Car Sharing Project to Overdrive

Overdrive was no stranger to the Ministry of Manpower. Since 2018, Overdrive had been delivering reliable IOT systems and integrating data transfers and sensor controls to MOM vehicles. This includes designing and developing a fleet management system with the use of RFIDs technology.

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