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Debunking 4 Misconceptions About Vehicle GPS Trackers

Today in the era of technological advancement, the introduction of the GPS vehicle tracking software not only makes our life safer and secure, it also adds a high level of efficiency in vehicle operation. But since every coin has two sides, some groups of people believe that these GPS trackers in Singapore are totally unnecessary and cause employee demotivation.

The reason for disapproval around GPS tracking as part of the fleet management solution is mainly due to a misunderstanding of the product.

Common vehicle tracking myths range from how the devices monitor employees’ privacy, to their capabilities, to the type of business where GPS trackers are needed.

Now, let’s debunk these myths and misconceptions with solid evidence and truths on how GPS trackers really work.

Myth 1: It violates my employees’ privacy by tracking their movement and information

GPS vehicle tracking software in Singapore tracks information about the vehicle and how it is being used. Based on what your business requires, the GPS tracker ranges from simply telling you where your vehicle is located, all the way to robust telematics that allows your business to track your vehicle’s health, improve fuel efficiency, stay compliant with the road’s regulations as well as keep the drivers safe.

It is important that executives in-charge of this rollout emphasise the role and importance of this tracker and how it helps in ensuring the drivers’ safety and reaching the company’s overall goals.

 Myth 2: My employees will feel uncomfortable and quit

Many customers and drivers actually depend on the GPS vehicle tracking software in Singapore for different reasons like

  • Providing the best, shortest and fastest route information
  • Verifying employee’s overall driving performance like their speed, idle time, hard braking, and more.
  • Improving customer satisfaction with accurate job billing and faster response time
  • Eliminating the time-consuming paperwork with real-time reports and data
Myth 3: Smartphones are enough for vehicle tracking

Smartphones serve as an excellent communication tool, but you might not get real-time information and data like vehicle location, vehicle health status, engine status, travel history, mileage, fuel consumption, idle time, and more. Businesses also can’t depend on smartphones as GPS trackers in Singapore as they can be easily turned off, damaged or left at home.

With these real-time data and insights that are provided by a GPS tracker, businesses will be able to take corrective measures accordingly for a smoother operation.

Myth 4: GPS trackers are complicated to install and use

Basically, all tracking programs incorporate two components: a GPS receiver which is installed in the vehicle and a user interface program that gathers and displays information, data and insights. When you purchase a GPS vehicle tracking software in Singapore from professional vendors, the installation process will be explained and demonstrated easily and you will be able to:

  • Execute vehicle management solutions effectively
  • Apply and elucidate insights and data to improve the efficiency of your business

So, before you believe more myths and assumptions that come with GPS vehicle tracking programs, consider how much the automotive industry has grown in recent years thanks to this solution. Instead of blindly trusting these assumptions, you can either read up on the benefits of a GPS tracking software online or check out our website for more information.

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