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3 IoT Applications To Help Ensure The Safety of Commuters

Driver Real Time Location Tracking System

IoT solutions serve numerous features for businesses in Singapore, ranging from improving inventory management to optimising energy usage for greater sustainability. IoT solutions are also highly beneficial in the area of transport, providing enhanced data to improve efficiency and safety. Read on to learn 3 IoT applications that help to ensure the safety of commuters in Singapore.


 1. Real-time tracking

IoT devices in Singapore utilise telematics to collect and store a range of data, such as location data provided by GPS trackers. This provides invaluable data for management and tracking, be it monitoring one’s fleet of company vehicles or individuals riding on transport. IoT devices are also helpful for real-time tracking of commuters who may not be able to constantly update on their status, such as young children and elderly individuals who are less familiar with smartphone technology.

OverdriveIoT’s OverPax features a safety tracking system to grant peace of mind to parents of young children as they travel to and from school. Our School Bus Monitoring system utilises iBeacon and RFID technology, and simply requires parents to place a device in their child’s backpack. Parents can then track their child’s location via a mobile app, which provides real-time data such as their location, as well as automated notifications when their child’s bus arrives to pick them up both from home and school. It also notifies that the assigned adult to pick up their child is an appointed guardian, helping to reduce anxiety and reassure concerned parents.


 2. Reduced breakdowns

Vehicles are subject to wear and tear, and poorly-maintained vehicles can pose a hazard to commuters, drivers, and other road users. In addition, breakdowns also cause unnecessary delays and costs, be it in delayed deliveries or added expenses for repairs. IoT solutions in Singapore offer predictive maintenance through providing regular status updates about each vehicle, ranging from onboard software performance to tire pressure and engine oil levels. This allows companies to properly plan a maintenance cycle for their fleet of vehicles, be it moving trucks or passenger buses. It also ensures that vehicles are at tip-top condition, protecting both the lives of drivers and commuters while also avoiding additional costs that occur due to poor vehicle performance, such as increased fuel consumption.

Beyond reducing breakdowns, IoT solutions also provide enhanced fleet management through better analytics and control of elements such as monitoring vehicle idling, fuel consumption, road travel conditions, and time taken to travel between points. This helps to optimise logistics and effective vehicle deployment for reduced costs and administrative workload.


 3. Efficient routing

Transport operators spend many hours on the road, and it can take a toll on their energy and focus. This can lead to an increased risk of accidents, endangering both their lives and that of their passengers. IoT car tracking devices plot out the most efficient destination routes for drivers with minimal congestion, allowing them to properly focus on driving rather than diverting their attention to navigating unfamiliar routes or where to make specific turns. In turn, this helps to lower the risk of vehicular accidents and promote road safety for multiple parties.

In addition to higher levels of overall safety, OverPax brings additional benefits to large businesses by helping to facilitate employee transportation. Some features include informing passengers and personnel on bus delays, allowing employees to pre-book and board their bus via QR code for enhanced security, as well as providing full visibility to management to avoid abuse of company transport and to inform on ridership and usage trends. This greatly helps to lighten the administrative workload on management, as well as streamlining operational processes and reducing overall operating costs.

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