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Overdrive: Empowering Connectivity to Industries and Markets with IOT

The rapid growth of IoT continues to transform business large and small. At its core, the value of IoT comes from extracting information, analyzing it, and using the insights to make actionable business decisions. A company which is helping enterprise provide the building blocks for IoT solutions is Overdrive.

Overdrive is digitalizing the physical world. The company’s solution and infrastructure eco-system tools help businesses build rich context applications to improve customer experience.

Overdrive operates an IoT platform that automates data sensing of various types of assets within a business ecosystem, from vehicles and machinery, to goods and people. It leverages on a “mash-up” of different connectivity technologies and curated 3rd party devices, that is configured to optimally deliver business objectives such as real-time tracking and monitoring, exception alerting and command centre visualization.

Since inception in 2015, Overdrive has been able to deliver reliable working systems to customers, across small to large scale implementations such as Sentosa, Nanyang Technological University, Fedex, Ascendas, Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, and Volkswagen.

It is differentiated by the platform’s robustness and scalability, open architecture to ingest both in-house and partnered intelligence modules, and its ability to tweak device-level firmware and connectivity for challenging environments.

Inception of a Success Trajectory

The company was established with a mission to enhance peoples’ lives and make things more convenient.
When Overdrive was still on the drawing board, the term IoT (Internet of Things) was still not conceived, the team had already developed many industry applications in the M2M space, with solutions deployed on vehicles, smart phones, embedded devices and numerous types of sensors. With that, Overdrive was formed which is a true IoT platform, enabling smart devices and sensors on the move.
An Ideal Leadership
Aston, Co-Founder and CEO of Overdrive has always been the thinker and challenge solver. He is always the one who is able to turn ideas into reality. He moves things fast, introduces new technology and products that the market and industry need.
Defining New Industry Horizons with IoT Technologies
The IoT industry comes in many shapes and sizes, devices do not conform to a strict standard even though there are so-called industry leading ways to do things, manufacturers do not always follow that. Aston believes that Overdrive is able to strip down information from devices of any makes and integrate them into the platform, allowing data to be still accessible. These data are then transformed into ready to use APIs for developers to build more tools faster and better.
Bringing Disruption to the Fore
Aston believes, to build a city, we cannot rely on just one particular sensor or device. For buildings, homes, vehicles, roads, lights and agriculture, the data collected varies widely, but they are highly co-related if we want to monitor it on a higher level. “Cloud computing allows these data to be available, with big data analytics and AI, it gives us the possibility to study the information gathered, to forecast and predict, future proofing our world. Allowing machines to automate their actions using them”, he added.
Validating Technologies to Drive Innovation
Overdrive does not simply adopt new technology just because its available, it validates them with actual use cases, making sure it is not just fluff and ensure that what is delivered can be adopted easily and makes sense to pursue for the company and its partners.
Overdrive is in strong partnership with Microsoft, using their cloud services to host its services. The company is also on their co-sell program where they introduce their channel partners to adopt this platform. From the government side, IMDA provides very good insight on the market trends and potential projects, always keeping a lookout for a new partnership in the IoT space regionally.
Truthful Testimony
Clients’ feedback:
“Overdrive has always been my preferred partner who is on the ball, responsive and put their heart and mind into solving business challenges. After implementing their solutions, we seen an improvement in productivity and efficiency.”
Assessing Challenging Milestones
Aston feels most companies are still unwilling to adopt technology, as it seemed too good to be true or the investment required may be too high. Educating Overdrive’s partners and customers have always been challenging, but as time passed, the use cases it has built allows it to showcase the capabilities and the strength of the company. Once they see how the adoption of IoT is able to push them into the forefront of their industry, there is no looking back.
Future Endeavors
Overdrive is currently working on regional expansion, targeting Transportation, Automotive and Logistics industries within Asia. The company is also entering the Oil and Gas industry, expanding its offerings and technology to be used in a highly volatile environment.