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Overdrive Provides End-to-End Asset Monitoring Solution with Bluetooth Technology

Singapore– Overdrive harnesses the power of Bluetooth technology to provide greater asset visibility for one of Southeast Asia’s leading steel producers.

In an effort to resolve issues associated with developing an asset monitoring and management system, Overdrive made use of  Bluetooth Technology to help steel producers to overcome problems with;

 1. Lack of visibility

They have no existing platform to monitor their moving assets’ and therefore, have to go through the tedious task of manually keeping track just to ensure their assets, including vehicles and trailers, are in great working condition.

2. Inefficiencies in operation

Due to poor data visibility, the struggle to utilize their assets and perform maintenance in a timely manner has greatly impacted their operations. This caused them unnecessary breakdowns and unwanted costs.

3. Lack of a working solution

Despite their willingness to invest in a system, no providers in the market can give them a working solution. They have reached out to numerous providers to set out trials but to no avail.


Bluetooth Technology: The Path to Wireless Reliability

Overdrive’s ingenious platform was designed to help steel producers gain end-to-end coverage of their overall operation. With over 60 vehicles and 210 trailers, Overdrive unveiled a solution that uses GPS trackers with Bluetooth capabilities, enabling steel businesses to monitor their assets and scan its proximity using Bluetooth sensors, relaying data gathered through a mesh network.

Bluetooth sensors tagged to the trailers (assets) were proven to be exceptional because of their practicality and ultra-low power qualities. Because of its low-powered nature, it enables the battery life to last up to 3 years without a charge. Thus, reducing the need for replacement and manual checkups. Alongside Overdrive’s platform features an accelerometer and GPS sensors to provide valuable data and insights into their vehicle’s location, and condition, allowing them to monitor any assets that are out of bounds. This design creates a robust and highly scalable solution for the steel business, enabling an increase in overall asset visibility and empowering them to expand their assets whenever they need.


The ability to track anything is beneficial in any industry. Want to know if Bluetooth technology is what you need for your business? Click here to contact us now.