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Overwheels On-the-Go, a contactless tracking

The Covid -19 pandemic has definitely changed the way we live and work. Closure of non-essential services and schools, work from home order and to observe social distancing.

With these strict measures in place, installation on GPS devices on vehicles, and scheduling maintenance have been quite a challenge. However, countless businesses still seek to have a flexible fleet management system that enables them to take real-time control of their vehicles without the possible risks.

Our Solution? A contactless tracking.

Overwheels On-the-Go is an app designed to give real-time updates and to monitor your driver’s location on any mobile device without the need to install any GPS devices. It allows users to track their manpower safely from the comfort of their homes. Other than drivers, you have the option to track your employees or people!

How does it work?

Download Overwheels- On the Go App and enter the unique ID number provided by Overdrive

Admin can now access monitored people movement in real-time via any smartphone

Overwheels On-the-Go app is an initiative to help businesses navigate through this pandemic. As we wait for the measures to be lifted, it is still important for companies to plan ahead in the most cost-effective way. The app is ideal for all types of business that requires a scalable fleet management solution. Nonetheless, industries such as delivery, logistics and freight can best benefit from it.

Overdrive will always be committed to creating convenient solutions to every business- making everyday tasks manageable and equipping people with superpowers that enables them to connect with anyone, everyone and everything.