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#Locator, a reliable solution for group quarantine tracking

During these challenging times, human health and safety are crucial. As Covid-19 continues to close down even the largest cities around the world, many have carried out additional precautionary measures to contain further widespread and to create new innovative solutions – flattening the curve.

As the world of IoT continues to evolve, the immense data generated has served useful for both tech companies and the public to dig deeper into the pursuit of effectively eliminating the spread of the virus. Containing infected clusters, tracing contacts, and bringing down community transmission is not a walk in the park. However, arduous as it seems, it is not entirely impossible.

The demand for a Covid-19 quick fix is growing and a lot of IT businesses are fervently considering GPS monitoring as another means to regulate social movements. Yet, companies are looking into some possible challenges on how an enhanced quarantine system will be rolled out.

  1. Monitoring social movement is not easy especially if you’re looking after a large number of people
  2. People may not observe social distancing at all times.
  3. Inaccurate people counter and duration 

With all setbacks considered, Overdrive developed a robust platform called #Locator as an initiative to prevent community transmission.

What is #Locator?

#Locator is a simple, cost-effective, and reliable solution for group or self tracking. Stay informed 24/7 on whether your employees or other people observe the necessary measures

Our solution gives any organization the opportunity to obtain information on people movement, distance between one another, duration at certain areas, number of people present at certain location and more.

How does it work?

Scenario A

  • Users with On-The-Go mobile app will able to report accurate locations and provide alert when social distancing is breached. 
  • Location beacons can also be installed in buildings, relaying accurate people counter, movement and social distancing alert. 

Scenario B

  • If user does not have a smartphone, he will be given a BLE dongle and it can be in the form of access card, lanyard tag, wristband and more.
  • User with mobile phones will be able to assist the transmission of accurate location updates from these BLE dongles, providing information on people counter, movement and social distancing alerts.

Scenario C

  • Workers will be given a BLE dongle for movement and location tracking. The dongle will beep if social distancing is breached.
  • BLE gateway can be strategically placed within a facility and on vehicles, transmitting information on workers’ movement, social distancing alert and more.

Who will benefit from it?

#Locator is not limited to one industry or function alone. Overdrive continues to develop systems that are suitable to any given situation. The platform is tailored to enhance social distancing and make sure that quarantine measures are taken seriously. 

#Locator is a simple solution to a complex problem.  It manages the Covid-19 pandemic much more effectively, maximizing resources and hopefully saving more lives.